إضافة User Role Editor


إضافة User Role Editor لووردبريس تسمح لك بتغيير رُتب المستخدم وإمكانياته بسهولة.
ما عليك سوى تحديد خانات الاختيار الخاصة بالإمكانيات التي ترغب في إضافتها إلى الرتبة المحددة وأنقر فوق زرّ “تحديث” لحفظ تغييراتك. لقد تمّ ذلك.
أضف رُتبًا جديدة وخصّص إمكانياتها وقدراتها وفقًا لاحتياجاتك، بدءًا من نقطة الصفر كنسخة لرتبة أخرى موجودة.
يمكن حذف الرتبة الغير الضرورية إذا لم يكن هناك مستخدمون ليتم إسناد هذه الرتبة لهم.
قد يتم تغيير الرتبة المخصصة لكل مستخدم تم إنشاؤه افتراضيًا أيضًا.
يمكن إسناد وتعيين الإمكانيات على أساس كل مستخدم. يمكن تعيين رُتب متعددة للمستخدم في وقت واحد.
يمكنك إضافة إمكانات جديدة وإزالة الإمكانات غير الضرورية التي قد تتركها من الإضافات التي تم إلغاء تثبيتها.
تمّ تقديم الدعم للمواقع المتعددة Multi-site.

To read more about ‘User Role Editor’ visit this page at shinephp.com

Do you need more functionality with quality support in a real time? Do you wish to remove advertisements from User Role Editor pages?
Buy Pro version.
User Role Editor Pro includes extra modules:

  • تحديد عناصر قائمة المدير للرتبة.
  • إخفاء عناصر القائمة من واجهة الموقع لـ الزوّار الغير مسجلين دخولهم، أو المستخدمين المسجلين دخولهم أو للرُّتب.
  • Block selected widgets under “Appearance” menu for role.
  • إظهار الودجات في واجهة الموقع للرُتب المحددة.
  • Block selected meta boxes (dashboard, posts, pages, custom post types) for role.
  • “Export/Import” module. You can export user role to the local file and import it to any WordPress site or other sites of the multi-site WordPress network.
  • Roles and Users permissions management via Network Admin for multisite configuration. One click Synchronization to the whole network.
  • “Other roles access” module allows to define which other roles user with current role may see at WordPress: dropdown menus, e.g assign role to user editing user profile, etc.
  • Manage user access to editing posts/pages/custom post type using posts/pages, authors, taxonomies ID list.
  • Per plugin users access management for plugins activate/deactivate operations.
  • Per form users access management for Gravity Forms plugin.
  • Shortcode to show enclosed content to the users with selected roles only.
  • Posts and pages view restrictions for selected roles.
  • Admin back-end pages permissions viewer

Pro version is advertisement free. Premium support is included.

وثائق ومستندات إضافية

You can find more information about “User Role Editor” plugin at this page

I am ready to answer on your questions about plugin usage. Use plugin page comments for that.

لقطات الشاشة

  • screenshot-1.png النموذج الرئيسي لإضافة User Role Editor
  • screenshot-2.png إضافة/حذف الرُتب أو الإمكانيات
  • screenshot-3.png رابط إمكانيات المستخدم
  • screenshot-4.png مُحرّر إمكانيات المستخدم
  • screenshot-5.png إجراء متعدد للمستخدمين من دون رُتب
  • screenshot-6.png تعيين رُتب متعددة للمستخدمين المحددين


إجراء التنصيب:

  1. Deactivate plugin if you have the previous version installed.
  2. Extract “user-role-editor.zip” archive content to the “/wp-content/plugins/user-role-editor” directory.
  3. Activate “User Role Editor” plugin via ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress admin menu.
  4. Go to the “Users”-“User Role Editor” menu item and change your WordPress standard roles capabilities according to your needs.


  • Does it work with WordPress in multi-site environment?
    Yes, it works with WordPress multi-site. By default plugin works for every blog from your multi-site network as for locally installed blog.
    To update selected role globally for the Network you should turn on the “Apply to All Sites” checkbox. You should have superadmin privileges to use User Role Editor under WordPress multi-site.
    Pro version allows to manage roles of the whole network from the Netwok Admin.

To read full FAQ section visit this page at shinephp.com.


11 يناير، 2020
Very good work. I was looking for plug in to hide & control various things in Woo commerce user & manager. I am a web developer. I want to hide certain things in dashboard from manager. Super work to give control of various user for various things in wordpress & woo ecommerce site. Thank you so much.
10 ديسمبر، 2019
I installed this plugin to solve a very specific problem of not being able to access a certain other plugin, I saw User Role Editor recommended as a fix on a forum. After installing with no errors, User Role Editor does not appear, all of my users except for myself are gone (oddly enough they can all still log in and have all roles they had before install). I would remove it but it does not appear in my plugin list, it shows as active on the Add Plugins screen but as far as deactivating or disabling it does not appear. So I go to the plugin homepage to find any type of support, there is none unless I buy the pay version for $29 a year. Maybe I'll post on the forum, nope, not unless I pay my $29. So to get any support at all I need to pay, even to simply figure out how to remove it without causing further issues. I could post on the developers blog but the confirmation email that I need to verify to be able to post anything there is never sent. As this seems to be the only public forum where I can express my displeasure allow me to do so now.
13 أكتوبر، 2019
atende as minhas necessidades, ele é um dos melhores no repertório wordpress. uso no meu projeto
4 أكتوبر، 2019
It deserves greater rating but not for now. It's a good and very helpful plugin BUT needs many improvements. I install it normally in a simple site but I tried to reset my settings for the users and then everything meshed up! E.g. I was the admin and I could not enter to my plugins and many pages! I didnt have the authority and many more!
11 سبتمبر، 2019
A great plugin with lots of capabilities! Works perfect and does a great job if you would like to restrict different WordPress rights for different users.
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سجل التغييرات

[4.52.2] 26.12.2019

  • Fix: Custom capabilities for custom post types was not created by URE automatically since version 4.52.1.
  • Fix: ‘administrator’ role protection did not show to power users roles with ‘administrator’ word inside, like ‘shop_administrator’, etc.

[4.52.1] 11.11.2019

  • Update: URE requires PHP version 5.6.
  • ure_cpt_editor_roles filter was added. It takes 2 parameters: array $roles with 1 element ‘administrator’ by default and $post_type with post type name string. Add other role(s) to which you wish automatically add all user capabilities for custom post type $post_type. URE updates roles this way before opening “Users->User Role Editor” page.
  • New user capability ‘ure_nav_menus_access’ was added. It’s used at the User Role Editor Pro only.

[4.52] 07.10.2019

  • New: Multisite: WordPress (tested up to version 5.2.3) shows “Change role to…” drop-down list at “Network Admin->Sites->selected site->Users tab” with roles filled from the main site, but should use roles list from the selected site. URE replaces this roles list with roles from the selected site and excludes error with message “Sorry, you are not allowed to give users that role.”, when you try to grant to a user a role from the main site, which does not exist at the selected site.

File changelog.txt contains the full list of changes.