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23 ديسمبر، 2019
Sorry but immediately uninstalled due to no captcha in the plugin by default. Anything with a form should have captcha. You can get it but you have to pay for it. I cant even test if I want to buy pro without captcha. Going to a different plugin.
23 أكتوبر، 2019
I’m not a programmer and guilty of clicking on something wondering what it will do only to have contact support for help to undo! I can’t remember a time I have received such thorough, complete and understandable support. I would recommend this plugin just to experience the support if you need them, but on its own, the plugin is great too. I have three areas on the home page I attend to that I am able to have clients read testimonials. One of my favorites is the slider at the bottom of the page that gives a sampling of testimonials and offers the option to read more just by clicking the link. Very-very impressive!! THANK YOU SUPPORT FOR BEING THERE FOR ME!!
22 أكتوبر، 2019
War eines der besten Plugins für Feedbacks. Leider kam irgendwer auf die bescheuerte Idee sämtliche Funktionen, Einstellungen etc. in die Pro-Variante zu packen. Dem Autor spenden oder zusätzliche Funktionen kaufen ist kein Problem. Aber absolut grundlegende Dinge aus einer Basis-Version zu nehmen ist...sorry... unter aller Sau. Und tschüss. 🙂
6 أكتوبر، 2019
Captcha is a BASIC feature that we should expect in a plugin using front end forms. And the multiple forms feature is also a basic one. Without them, it makes such a plugin useless, even if it would contain thousands of other optionnal features. Concerning the "multiple forms" feature, there was a time where we could read on GitHub : "This was going to be a premium add-on but I plan to incorporate it into the core plugin soon so just ignore any license settings." Unfortunately it has been added in the core of the paid plugin... Really sorry this plugin took this way. 🙁 I will take another one... Good bye !
26 سبتمبر، 2019
This plugin has no basic Captcha that every plugin with a form should have. They want to to buy the Pro version for this very basic necessity. What a joke!!
20 يونيو، 2019
I love this plugin. It is easy to use and the functionality is amazing. Want to point out the support for this plugin, which deserves a 5 star rating on its own. Quick and thorough responses to any questions a user might have.
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