“Gutenberg” is a codename for a whole new paradigm in WordPress site building and publishing, that aims to revolutionize the entire publishing experience as much as Gutenberg did the printed word. Right now, the project is in the first phase of a four-phase process that will touch every piece of WordPress — Editing, Customization, Collaboration, and Multilingual — and is focused on a new editing experience, the block editor.

The block editor introduces a modular approach to pages and posts: each piece of content in the editor, from a paragraph to an image gallery to a headline, is its own block. And just like physical blocks, WordPress blocks can added, arranged, and rearranged, allowing WordPress users to create media-rich pages in a visually intuitive way — and without work-arounds like shortcodes or custom HTML.

The block editor first became available in December 2018, and we’re still hard at work refining the experience, creating more and better blocks, and laying the groundwork for the next three phases of work. The Gutenberg plugin gives you the latest version of the block editor so you can join us in testing bleeding-edge features, start playing with blocks, and maybe get inspired to build your own.

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  • User Documentation: See the WordPress Editor documentation for detailed docs on using the editor as an author creating posts and pages.

  • Developer Documentation: Extending and customizing is at the heart of the WordPress platform, see the Developer Documentation for extensive tutorials, documentation, and API reference on how to extend the editor.

  • Contributors: Gutenberg is an open-source project and welcomes all contributors from code to design, from documentation to triage. See the Contributor’s Handbook for all the details on how you can help.

The development hub for the Gutenberg project is on Github at:

Discussion for the project is on Make Blog and the #core-editor channel in Slack, signup information.


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The four phases of the project are Editing, Customization, Collaboration, and Multilingual. You can hear more about the project and phases from Matt in his State of the Word talks for 2019 and 2018. Additionally you can follow updates in the Make WordPress Core blog.

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30 مارس، 2020
I recently came back to WordPress after quite a long time and I think the direction that the team is taking with Gutenberg seems really cool. It seems like the rest of the community is very resistant to this direction, but out of anything else I have seen (ACF Layouts, Elementor, WP Bakery, etc) I like Gutenberg the most. Just my two cents - keep up the good work with Gutenberg!
27 مارس، 2020
I love Gutenberg's potential. It might still need some polishing here and there but it is ready for production. If you are a developer it can give you unprecedented freedom. From my experience, content editors who come to contact with WordPress for the first time have no problem adjusting either. I've been using it exclusively for the past year, with ACF blocks or not, and there is no turning back.
25 مارس، 2020
It's by far the most frustrating tool I ever used in 5 years of web development. Lots of bug that's seems to be there since the beginning but are not being fixed, lake of examples in the documentation, un-explicit error message and more.. I lost a lot of time creating customs block for my client. Please, please, improve what is frequently asked online about your pluggin. The idea is brilliant and wonderful for the end user but gosh it's such a pain for developpers!
24 مارس، 2020
The worst thing that happened to WordPress in the last couple of years. A two-star rating has been held for several years, maybe this is a signal that the plugin is at least raw? «Classic Editor» - Active installations: 5+ million - speaks for itself.
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To read the changelog for Gutenberg 7.8.1, please navigate to the release page.