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2 مارس، 2017
Installed the plugin yesterday. Noticed one problem, posted on forum and resolved with an update to the plugin in quick time. Cannot ask for more!
3 سبتمبر، 2016
The plug in works well and it does what it claims without issues. The support is some of the best we have experienced. The few times we made recommendations for improvement, the author was very quick to address our suggestions. The support is great and the product works well. If you are looking for a product to manage domains/SSL and you need basically functionality that works this product is a great place to start. The author is committed to make improvements, and assist you if you run into any issues. Great work!
3 سبتمبر، 2016
Domain Check is an excellent tool for Domainers or those who mange multiple domains. It lets you search domain names, import and manage your domains and SSL Certificate expiration date information. A huge amount of thought and hours have goine into the development of this plugin. Highly Recommended.
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