Content Egg


What is this plugin for?

✔ Product reviews and niche blog
✔ Price comparison site
✔ Daily deals website
✔ WooCommerce directories
✔ Sites on autopilot

Official website:
AI Power:

How it works?

  • Activate your modules
  • Add offers
  • Start to earn

Plugin features

  • Easily add offers from various affiliate systems by keywords or URLs.
  • Special module for CSV, XML, JSON product feeds.
  • Search and add relevant content: videos, images, news.
  • Autoblogging: Automatically generate posts by keywords.
  • Multilanguage support for any language.
  • Custom Templates: Create with ChatGPT.
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme.
  • High Conversion Templates: Pre-designed or custom.
  • Price Comparison Blocks: Multiple network offers in one block.
  • Automatic price and offer updates.
  • WooCommerce products synchronization and autoblogging.
  • Set search filters for modules (price, discount, categories, etc.).
  • Automatically add partner ID to links.
  • Price tracker and alerts.
  • Easy interface from the post admin page.
  • Affiliate Egg integration.
  • Uses official APIs.
  • Supports WordPress shortcodes.

Import products in Woocommerce from CSV

Content Egg includes a special module to work with product feeds.

Content Egg PRO Version

Do you want to get even more? The Pro version offers numerous additional modules and extended features.

Modules of the Free Version: CSV Feed, CJ Links, Coupon, GdeSlon, Google Images, Offer, Pixabay, Related Keywords, RSS Fetcher, Skimlinks Coupons, Viglink (Sovrn), YouTube.

Additional Modules of the PRO Version: Aliexpress, Amazon, Amazon NoAPI, Avantlink, AWIN, BestBuy,, CJ Products,, Clickbank, Daisycon, eBay, Envato, Flipkart, Impact Radius, Kelkoogroup,, Linkwise,,, Pepperjam, Rakuten (LinkShare), Shareasale, Shopeeh, Walmart, Webgains.

Visit us at


Content Egg plugin can create sites on autopilot! Everything you need – it’s just setup once autoblogging, type keywords and plugin will find products, images, videos and other content based on your schedule.

Price Comparison Features

  • Price Blocks: Combine offers from multiple networks into one block.
  • Historical Price Data: Display past prices to help users find the best purchase times.
  • Dynamic Charts: Create charts showing price changes over time.
  • Price Drop Alerts: Email alerts for price drops.
  • EAN Search: Merge products into a single comparison list using EANs.

AI Content Generation

Enhance your affiliate product content effortlessly with our advanced AI integration! Generate unique and valuable content with just one click:

  • Product Reviews
  • How-to-Use Instructions
  • Buyer’s Guides
  • Product Descriptions
  • Text Translations
  • Summarizations
  • Rewrites
  • And More…

Customize prompts with dynamic variables for tailored content creation. Our supported AI models include GPT-4, GPT-3.5, GPT 4o-mini, GPT 4o, Claude 3: Haiku, Claude 3.5: Sonnet, and more.

Real-World Usage of the Content Egg Plugin on Live Sites

لقطات الشاشة

  • Modules
  • Feed module settings
  • Products search
  • Output demo 1
  • Output demo 2
  • Price history



  • PHP version 5.4 or higher.
  • WordPress 4.6.1 or higher.

Installation Instructions

  1. Upload the content-egg folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure the plugin settings.
  4. For detailed configuration instructions, refer to the Content Egg User Guide

الأسئلة المتكررّة

What if my advertiser is not yet supported?

If your advertiser isn’t listed among our supported modules, we offer several flexible solutions:

  • Feed Modules: Work with any CSV or XML product feeds.
  • Offer Module: Manually add any products.
  • Affiliate Egg Integration: Use custom Affiliate Egg parsers for additional support.

For more information, read: My network isn’t listed.

How many individual Feed modules can I create?

  • Free Version: Create up to 3 separate feed modules.
  • Pro Version: Create up to 50 separate feed modules.

Additionally, you can use merged feeds for multiple merchants, as many affiliate networks provide this option.

Is Amazon supported?

Amazon is supported in the Pro version with two available modules:

  • Amazon via Official PA API: Integrate directly with Amazon’s Product Advertising API.
  • NoAPI Module: Designed for beginners, this module allows you to make your first 3 sales and gain API access.

Can I create custom output templates?

Yes, you can create custom templates. Here are two ways to do it:

  1. Manual Customization: You’ll need skills in PHP, HTML, and CSS. The default templates use the Bootstrap CSS framework.
  2. AI Assistance: Use a specially trained ChatGPT to create a custom template. Simply describe what you need, and the AI will generate the code for you instantly.

What’s the difference between Content Egg and Affiliate Egg?

  • Content Egg: Operates through official product APIs and offers numerous modules for various affiliate networks. Ideal for product review blogs, price comparison websites, and daily deals websites.

  • Affiliate Egg: Functions as a web parser, requiring no API access. It allows you to use Affiliate Egg parsers as separate modules within the Content Egg plugin.

For more details, read: Content Egg vs. Affiliate Egg.


28 مارس، 2024
We started looking for an affiliate plugin that can work with posts and WooCommerce products, and there is not many good ones out there that does both, Content Egg combined with Affiliate Egg is fantastic, the product is great and the support is quick and very helpful before the purchase and after the purchase. I dont do reviews unless i am really impressed, i really like the tools they have to offer, great job and keep up the good work. Thanks
24 فبراير، 2024 1 reply
the greed of these developers has taken over with the np api option; what they are doing now is purposely blocking your ip address to amazon and then warning that your ip address is blocked with amazon.they redirect you to a page that has affiliate links on, you have no option now but to use
7 ديسمبر، 2023
I am very happy with Content Egg. I’ve been using the tool for some time now as a price comparison widget. The support is super fast and always solution-orientated. The plugin runs reliably and I can only recommend it to others
19 يونيو، 2023
I would like to share my exceptionally positive experience with the support team and the associated plugin. From the beginning, the support has been extremely helpful, professional, and prompt in answering my questions and resolving my issues. The plugin itself is absolutely remarkable. It has exceeded my expectations and provided me with the ability to streamline my work. The user interface is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to get started. Furthermore, the plugin offers a wide range of useful features that perfectly cater to my needs. I have been particularly impressed with the reliability of the plugin. It has worked flawlessly thus far and has never let me down. This has significantly increased my productivity and saved me time. The support has always been available to assist me with any questions or problems. I have never experienced such fast and effective customer service. The team has always been polite, patient, and knowledgeable. Whether it was a simple question or a complex matter, they were always there to help me. Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with the support and the plugin. I can highly recommend it. The combination of outstanding functionality, reliability, and excellent support makes this product unbeatable for me. Thank you to the team for their outstanding work and tireless effort to improve my workflow.
28 مايو، 2023
This plugin is very bad. Not working properly. These plugins cause my server to block every time.So I am not interested to use these plugins. After purchasing these plugins, 4 days later, I want a refund of my $99.But they are not interested to refund my money. Maybe that company is one kind of spam. Please don’t waste your money on purchasing these plugins.
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المساهمون والمطوّرون

“Content Egg” هو برنامج مفتوح المصدر. وقد ساهم هؤلاء الأشخاص بالأسفل في هذه الإضافة.


ترجمة ”Content Egg“ إلى لغتك.

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تصفّح الشفرة، تحقق من مستودع SVN، أو الاشتراك في سجل التطوير بواسطة RSS.

سجل التغييرات


  • New: AI features to generate unique product content.
  • New: Sovrn (Viglink) module updated with the new Sovrn Product API.
  • New: Clear, compact interface for CE metabox.
  • New: ‘Description only’ template added.
  • New: ChatGTP Template Creator.
  • New: Preparation for integration with the GreenShift plugin.
  • New: Greenshift template: Grid template added.
  • New: Shipping cost field mapping for the Feed module.
  • New: New template “Sorted list with store logos and shipping price”.
  • New: New template “Sorted list with store logos and shipping price + group pills”.
  • New: Sorting parameter by total_price.
  • New: Implemented WP-CLI command to trigger updates by keyword.
  • New: Added large image format to the Pixabay module.
  • New: Added a button to copy product IDs for use in Too Much Niche articles.
  • Improvement: Implementation of module priority for selecting featured images.
  • Improvement: Added ‘img+url’ show parameter for the “Customizable” template.
  • Improvement: Enhanced grid templates.
  • Improvement: Price history charts.


  • New: Global autoupdate keywords.
  • New: EAN synchronization for WooCommerce.
  • New: ISBN synchronization for WooCommerce.
  • New: Autoblogging: Avoid product duplicates by EAN/ISBN.
  • New: Feed modules: XML mapping: xPath syntax is allowed.
  • New: Feed module: Exact phrase search.
  • New: Feed module: Strict mode for full text search.
  • New: Feed module: Option to search products in stock only.
  • New: Feed modules: Short description mapping.
  • New: Feed modules: ISBN field mapping.
  • New: Shop coupons (experimental feature).
  • New: Block shortcode parameter: remove_duplicates_by=”product field name”.
  • New: Shop info popup type: Modal dialog or popover.
  • New: WooCommerce settings: Sync description (disabled by default).
  • New: Module shortcodes: keyword parameter.
  • New: Option to process out of stock products for WooCommerce.
  • New: Pass-through query parameters to redirect links.
  • New: Custom sorting for global shortcodes.
  • New: Shortcodes: Filtering products by EANs.
  • New: Product tags can be used for Deeplink settings.
  • New: Brand taxonomy synchronization for Rehub theme.
  • New: “Update prices” button on post edit pages.
  • New: “Refresh listings” button on post edit pages.
  • New: Displaying EAN codes on post edit pages.
  • New: Option to add Product/AggregateOffer markup to posts.
  • Improvement: Extra product data for for autoblogging tags.
  • Improvement: Block shortcodes: Sorting is applied before limit/offset.
  • Improvement: Frontend search: Support for the latest WP version.
  • Improvement: Feed modules: Price filter is applied to EAN search.
  • Improvement: Update cron starts every 10 minutes.
  • Improvement: Internal update limits have been increased.
  • Improvement: More fields for schema markup.
  • Improvement: Shop info settings: TinyMCE editor.
  • Improvement: Shop info settings: Shortcode support.
  • Improvement: The module priority is considered when selecting a featured image.


  • New: Block template: Button with price comparison popup.
  • New: Block template: Product card with price comparison popup.
  • New: Option to add AggregateOffer to product structured data.
  • New: Autoblog: Slug template.
  • New: Feed module: Exact phrase search.
  • Improvement: Extra product data for for autoblogging tags.
  • Improvement: Group matching by keyword search: keyword -> group name.


  • Fix: WordPress coding standards.


  • New: Multiple keyword search.
  • New: REST API for module data.
  • New: Feed module: Support for XML format.
  • New: Feed module: Deeplink.
  • New: Feed module: Feed encoding option.
  • New: Feed module: JSON feed format.
  • New: Module shortcodes: sort parameter.
  • New: Offer modules: Default currency option.
  • New: Shortcode parameters: add_query_arg.
  • Improvement: Locale filter for block shortcodes.
  • Improvement: Feed modules: Feeds will be updated twice a day.
  • Improvement: Feed modules: Update by page view.
  • Improvement: Offer modules: Domain editing capability.
  • Improvement: Alt tag for featured images.
  • Fix: AMP styles.
  • Fix: Feed modules: WooCommerce sync.
  • Fix: Feed modules: Stock status.
  • Fix: Fixed theoretical security issue (XSS) in admin dashboard.


  • New: Feed module to work with custom CSV feeds.
  • New: Viglink module.
  • New: Merchant settings: Shop info.
  • New: Block template: Top listing.
  • New: Price alert email templates.
  • New: Price alerts option: General alert for all products in a post.
  • New: Frontend text settings.
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.1.0.
  • Improvement: Glyphicons are no longer used on frontend.


  • New: Template settings (price color, stock status, etc.)
  • New: Block template: Price comparison card.
  • New: Block template: Buttons row.
  • New: Block template: Sorted offers list with no prices.
  • New: Block template: Text links.
  • New: Module template: Product card (no features).
  • New: Shortcode parameter: btn_text.
  • New: Youtube module: Featured image.
  • New: AE modules: Option to hide large logos.
  • New: Possibility to create custom modules (feature for developers).
  • New: Option: Rel attribute for affiliate links.
  • New: Offer module: Custom merchant logos.
  • New: General settings: Custom merchant logos.
  • New: WooCommerce settings: Show price per unit.
  • Improvement: Better mobile templates.
  • Improvement: Better desktop templates.
  • Improvement: Better module management.
  • Improvement: Better plugin settings.
  • Improvement: Better widget templates.
  • Improvement: Offer module: Set product status to OutOfStock if 404 error.
  • Improvement: Some basic HTML tags are allowed in product description.
  • Improvement: Offer module: Auto-detection of a real domain in deeplinks.
  • Improvement: External featured images: Added support for product structured data.
  • Improvement: External featured images: Added support for Yoast schema graph.
  • Improvement: Links to new documentation
  • Fix: External featured images: WP 5.4+ support.


  • New: Offer Module: Global XPath and Deeplink settings.
  • New: Offer Module: Multiple XPath queries.
  • New: Offer Module: Display the last occurred error.
  • New: Multiple deeplinks for subdomains.
  • New: Delay in seconds between each post prefill.
  • New: “hide” shortcode parameter to hide some product data.
  • New: “customizable” block template + “show” parameter to show only one information about a product (like price, title, button).
  • New: Overwrite WooCommerce button text for external products.
  • New: External featured images by URL.
  • New: Product filter in shortcodes:
  • New: Cashback Tracker plugin integration:
  • New: Shortcode parameter: disable_features for “item” template.
  • New: Product groups in shortcodes.
  • New: Block template: Sorted offers list with product images + group tabs.
  • New: Block template: Sorted offers list with store logos + group pills.
  • New: AE modules: Option to hide small logos.
  • New: Shortcode parameter: cols – number of columns for grid templates.
  • Fix: GoogleNews module results.
  • Deprecated: Amazon module:


  • New: Lomadee link builder. Syntax for Deeplink: [lomadee][sourceId]
  • Improvement: CJ modules: Developer keys have been deprecated. Please use personal access tokens instead.


  • New: Product management tool.
  • New: Option ‘Out of Stock products’ – how to deal with Out of Stock products.
  • New: Accept privacy policy checkbox for price drop alert.
  • New: Module priority is applied to price sorting.
  • New: “Buy Now” button tags: %MERCHANT%, %DOMAIN%, %PRICE%, %STOCK_STATUS%.
  • Improvement: Tracking availability of products.
  • Improvement: WooCommerce synchronization: stock status.
  • Improvement: Unsubscribe link in confirmation email.
  • Improvement: Ability to edit merchant name and domain.


  • New: Forced links update for Amazon module.
  • New: Added support for Amazon Australia.
  • New: GdeSlon module options: Exclude Shop ID, Parked domain.
  • Improvement: Price conversion to one currency when product is selected for woo sync.
  • Fix: GdeSlon module multiple Shop ID filter.


  • New: GdeSlon module.
  • New: Price alert subscription report: added delete URL and unsubscribe URL.
  • Fix: Dublicate images during update by keyword.
  • Fix: Currency converter to EUR.


  • New: Price Movers widget.
  • New: Price Movers shortcode: [content-egg-price-movers].
  • New: Currency shortcode parameter to convert all prices to one currency: [content-egg-block template=offers_grid currency=EUR]
  • New: Block template:: Grid with prices (3 column).
  • New: Sort order (asc/desc) for block shortcodes: [content-egg-block template=offers_list order=desc].
  • New: Amazon price disclaimer.
  • New: Amazon module: Show small logos option.
  • New: Woocommerce synchronization for Offer module.
  • New: Сurrency converter for order products by price.
  • New: Ability to edit Domain field for products.


  • New: Google Images module.
  • New: Coupon module: Hide expired coupons option.
  • New: Coupon module: Hide future coupons option.
  • Improvement: Related Keywords module: API changed from v5 to v7.
  • Improvement: Module templates.
  • Fix: Skimlinks Coupons module: Site Id option.
  • Fix: Google News module results.
  • Fix: CJ Links module.


  • New: Coupon module.
  • New: Show price update date for WooCommerce products.
  • New: Ability to edit product attributes.
  • New: Block template: Price comparison widget.
  • New: Block template: Grid without price (4 column).
  • New: Block template: Price history for lowest price product.
  • New: Block template: Price alert for lowest price product.
  • New: Regular expression in Deeplink settings: [regex][pattern][replacement].
  • New: Profitshare link builder. Syntax for Deeplink: [profitshare][api_user][api_key]
  • Improvement: Synchronize attributes automatically for synchronized product.
  • Improvement: Prepopulate user email for exist user in price alert form.
  • Improvement: Module templates.
  • Fix: Redirect links with post_id param in shortcode.
  • Deprecated: Admitad Products module.


  • New: Skimlinks Coupons module.


  • Fix: Admitad module.
  • Fix: Autoblogging default category.


  • New: WooCommerce products synchronization.
  • New: WooCommerce attributes synchronization (global and custom).
  • New: WooCommerce autoblogging.
  • New: Curency converter for WooCommerce synchronization.
  • New: Latin slugs for WooCommerce attributes.
  • New: WooCommerce reviews rating for AE modules.
  • New: WooCommerce attributes filter (auto/blacklist/whitelist).
  • New: Post type for Fill utility.
  • New: Post status for Fill utility.
  • New: Сustom fields for Fill utility.
  • New: Replacement tags: %RANDOM%, %RANDOM(10,50)%
  • New: Subscribers CSV export.
  • Improvement: Amazon: Getting price for parent products.
  • Improvement: Affilinet: https affilite links support.
  • Improvement: ‘product-search’ filter for Frontend search.
  • Improvement: User Guide –
  • Fix: Keywords parser.
  • Fix: Subscribers CSV export.


  • New: Price filter in search form.
  • New: Price filter for autoupdate (Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress).
  • New: support.
  • New: Search by product URL (Amazon, Aliexpress).
  • New: Prefill from Arbitrary custom field keyword source.


  • New: Autoblogging: Minimum reviews required.
  • New: Autoblogging: Dynamic categories.
  • Improvement: Offer module: Old price.
  • Improvement: GoogleBooks module: Country option.
  • Improvement: Ability to use AE modules as Search modules.
  • Improvement: NGN currency support.
  • Improvement: Loco Translate ready.


  • New: Frontend product search.
  • New: Buy now button text / Coupon button text options.
  • Improvement: Prefix for catalog url: [catalog limit=3]
  • Improvement: IW language for templates.
  • Fix: Amazon JP prices.
  • Fix: Amazon price update if more than 10 items on page.


  • New: Short redirect url.
  • New: Custom redirect prefix.
  • New: Settings for From Name and From Email.
  • New: Ability to set product/catalog url as keyword for AE modules.
  • New: Tags for autoblogging.
  • Improvement: SSL ready.
  • Improvement: Dates in localized format.
  • Improvement: Dynamically changed Deeplinks.


  • New: Block template: Price statistics.
  • New: Ability to add reviews as post comments for AE modules.
  • New: Rating field for Offer module.
  • New: Support for AMP plugin.
  • New: Minus words for Fill utility.
  • Fix: Hot trends keyword keyword tool.
  • Fix: Product keyword tool.


  • New: Offer module – manually create offer from any site with price update.
  • New: BingImages – new Cognitive Services API.
  • New: RelatedKeywords – new Cognitive Services API.
  • New: Post type for autoblogging.
  • New: Custom fields for autoblogging.
  • New: Main product for autoblogging. You can use tags: %PRODUCT.title%, %PRODUCT.price%
  • New: Separate keywords for modules – autoblogging.
  • New: Search by EAN for some modules.
  • New: Search by ASIN for Amazon module.
  • New: Button color option.
  • New: Source language in English.


  • New: Products update via cron job.
  • New: Next, offset, limit params for block shortcode [content-egg-block template=offers_list next=3].
  • New: Merchant visible url.
  • New: Merchant logo.
  • New: Fill from post tags.
  • New: Block template: All offers list with logos.
  • Improvement: Module templates.


  • New: Price tracker.
  • New: Price alert.
  • New: Title shortcode param [content-egg module=Amazon title=”My Title”].
  • New: Post_id shortcode param [content-egg module=Amazon post_id=123].
  • Fix: Admitad Products search.
  • Fix: Same Amazon ASIN in different locales.


  • New: Admitad Products module.
  • New: 301 local redirect for outbound affiliate links.


  • New: Autoblogging batch creation.
  • Improvement: Fill utility now works for all post types that are checked in the general CE settings.
  • Improvement: Fill utility now works for post statuses: ‘publish’, ‘future’.


  • New: Affiliate Egg plugin integration.
  • Fix: Bug Fixes.


  • New: Ability to add modules to existing posts.
  • New: Locale parameter for amazon shortcode: [content-egg module=Amazon locale=US]
  • Deprecated: Freebase module. Freebase API has been officially closed.


  • New: Amazon module: Custom associate tag.
  • New: Amazon module: 50 results now available.
  • New: Drag and drop for order of items.


  • New: Pixabay module.
  • New: Import/export settings.
  • New: Keyword parsers for autoblogging.
  • New: Keyword tools.
  • New: Amazon module: Multi-locale support.
  • New: Amazon module: Save images locally.
  • New: Amazon module: Rewrite image urls when using https.


  • Fix: Amazon decode url.
  • Removed: Google Images module. Google Images Search API has been officially closed.


  • New: Related Keywords module.
  • New: RSS Fetcher module.
  • New: Post Types option.
  • New: Filter bots option.
  • New: Amazon module: lowestNewPrice & lowestUsedPrice.
  • Improvement: Module templates.
  • Fix: Update prices for products on single page.
  • Fix: Amazon last update date display.
  • Removed: Amazon customer reviews parser has become unstable and is no longer available.


  • New: Autoblogging!
  • New: Priority option for modules.
  • New: “Compare” template for Amazon.
  • Improvement: Module templates.


  • New: Affilinet Coupons module.
  • New: Content egg block shortcodes.
  • Fix: Amazon IN/BR locale products search.


  • New: CJ Links module.
  • Enhancement: Module templates.
  • Fix: Admin panel interface.


  • Fix: Error in uninstallation process.


  • Initial release.