Constant Contact Forms


The official Constant Contact plugin adds a contact form to your WordPress site to quickly capture information from visitors.

Work smarter, not harder. The Constant Contact Way

Create branded emails, build a website, sell online, and make it easy for people to find you—all from one place.

Constant Contact Forms is the easiest way to connect your WordPress website with your Constant Contact account.

  • Effortlessly create sign-up forms to convert your site visitors into mailing list contacts.
  • Customize data fields, so you can tailor the type of information you collect from your users.
  • Captured email addresses will be automatically added to the Constant Contact email lists of your choosing.

BONUS: If you have a Constant Contact account, all new email addresses that you capture will be automatically added to the Constant Contact email lists of your choosing. Not a Constant Contact customer? Sign up for a Free Trial right from the plugin.

How To Get Started.

  1. Signup for a Free Trial. ( Existing Constant Contact users can skip this step).
  2. Follow first-time setup instructions.
  3. Create your first form.
  4. Add a form anywhere on your website.
  5. Watch as your visitors turn into lifetime contacts!

لقطات الشاشة

  • Adding a New form when connected to Constant Contact account.
  • Viewing All Forms
  • Lists Page
  • Settings page
  • Basic Form


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  • Constant Contact: Single Form

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Installation and Setup

HELP: Install the Constant Contact Forms Plugin for WordPress to Gather Sign-Ups and Feedback

Constant Contact Forms Options

HELP: Add email opt-in to a WordPress Form created with the Constant Contact plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

HELP: Enable Logging in the Constant Contact Forms for WordPress Plugin

Constant Contact List Addition Issues

HELP: Troubleshooting List Addition Issues in the Constant Contact Forms Plugin for WordPress

cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem

HELP: WordPress cURL Error 60: SSL Certificate Problem

Add Google reCAPTCHA to Constant Contact Forms

HELP: Add Google reCAPTCHA to Your WordPress Sign-up Form to Prevent Spam Entries

How do I include which custom fields labels are which custom field values in my Constant Contact Account?

You can add this to your active theme or custom plugin: add_filter( 'constant_contact_include_custom_field_label', '__return_true' );. Note: custom fields have a max length of 50 characters. Including the labels will subtract from the 50 character total available.

Which account level access is needed to connect my WordPress account to Constant Contact?

You will need to make the connection to Constant Contact using the credentials of the account owner. Campaign manager credentials will not have enough access.

Error: Please select at least one list to subscribe to.

Some users are experiencing errors when upgrading from an older version of the plugin. If you are receiving an error “Please select at least one list to subscribe to” on your form submissions we recommend “Sync Lists with Constant Contact”, this can be found in your admin dashboard Contact Form > Lists. If problem still persists we recommend recreating the form from scratch.


23 فبراير، 2022
I've used many different email marketing tool and this one is the worst of all.
27 ديسمبر، 2021
Readers said they subscribed to my webpage from a link I created. I never received data. Can you help me solve this? Thanks.
14 ديسمبر، 2021
The worst spam protection. Dozens of obvious spam messages every day despite the various methods of using anti-spam questions or ReCaptcha. For the one real user who wants to be added to the list in a month, it can be done more easily manually as opposed to sifting thru a thousand spam submissions in a month
17 سبتمبر، 2021
This plugin is garbage. At best you may get one of three applicable functions to actually work as intended. The forum for support is 2 pinned and closed tickets from 2018 without any solutions. Thankfully there is a great plugin that actually DOES work with Constant Contact and I just stopped my search when I found it. WP Forms - that's your solution. redirects and enough customization to get what you need. This plugin should be pulled, it's useless. Honestly do not waste your time. Constant Contact how many decades until you add the most basic feature that EVERYONE has requested perpetually REDIRECT ON FORM SUBMIT - remove head from rectum... shameful
24 يوليو، 2021
The simplest possible function, user provides email, it submits to Constant Contact and user is added to specified list; just doesn't work. I've read through multiple threads that have the same 'Must select list' error warning upon submission, tried every trouble shooting step and fix a half dozen times each. Deactivated, deleted, started over completely and still the same error. Shame really because you do always want these plugins coming directly from the service provider as you assume they'd be the ones building it properly.
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  • Fixed: get_optin_list_options() defaults to an empty array instead of an empty string
  • Fixed: Prevent “CTCT has experienced issues” notifications for “503 Service Not Available” errors
  • Fixed: Fixes plugin sometimes causing errors due to trailing commas
  • Changed: Move styles inline for honeypot field to ensure field is hidden when option to disable CSS output is used
  • Updated: Mask API keys in error logs
  • Updated: Mask phone numbers in logs
  • Updated: Add noopener noreferrer to blank links
  • Updated: Refactor multiple translated strings
  • Updated: Added error messages on form submissions upon API faliures