Classic Widgets الودجات التقليدية


إضافة الودجات التقليدية Classic Widgets هي الإضافة الرسمية التي تتم صيانتها بواسطة فريق ووردبريس، والتي تستعيد شاشات إعدادات الودجات (“التقليدية”) السابقة لـ ووردبريس. سيتم دعمها وصيانتها حتى عام 2022 على الأقل، أو طالما كان ذلك ضروريًا.

بمجرد التفعيل، تستعيد هذا الإضافة شاشات إعدادات الودجات السابقة وتعطّل مُحرر المكوّنات من إدارة الودجات. ليس هناك إعدادات أخرى، يتم تمكين أو تعطيل شاشات إعدادات الودجات التقليدية من خلال تفعيل هذه الإضافة أو تعطيلها.

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هل هناك أي إعدادات؟

لا، لا توجد إعدادات. بمجرد التفعيل، تستعيد هذه الإضافة شاشة إعدادات الودجات (“التقليدية”) السابقة لـ ووردبريس وتعطّل مُحرر المكوّنات من إدارة الودجات.


15 يناير، 2022
Don't know why WordPress is hurting the functionality by adding confusing updates. Thank god, this plugin brings back the simplicity.
14 يناير، 2022
Another needed plugin while those who have massive sites built with themes that over the years, didn't keep up with new vision, branch of WordPress development. Saved my bacon this morning when I naively went to to update an older website and sadly - realized the SNAFU AFTER I had already hit the 'Update/save" in new widgets screen - That said, for anyone who might have missed this info in other comments, support, etc. forums - Have a BACKUP of your site to fall back on IF you need to - because I took that backup - INSTALLED Classic Widgets, then went and made my changes and all was right again - Trying to go through installation/activation and 'fixing' widgets area AFTER I had ONCE saved in the new block widgets area, one small widget? Would have had to go through, recreate many/reset show/hide settings etc... end of my review with attached PSA I hope others find helpful if they, like me, forget - - 'oh, yeah - the new widget block thingee - - " - - LOL
11 يناير، 2022
The Gutenberg plugin blocks don't work intuitively and don't work together with a couple of widgets, so I am glad to have this plugin!
10 يناير، 2022
Classic widgets should never have been removed from wordpress, Gutenberg Blocks are very polluted and boring to work with, not a good upgrade, I never work with Gutenberg Blocks, I always use the classic widgets plugin, I still hope the developers will review and evaluate this change in wordpress that was an error.
7 يناير، 2022
I don't understand why the developer team has changed the way to organize the widgets. Sometimes it is better to keep a good system instead of changing it in a way that bothers the users.
31 ديسمبر، 2021
I almost messed up my site by using the block editor but this plugin fixed it all. Very, very helpful! Thanks for developing this one!
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