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28 أبريل، 2022
Great plugin, but need a refresh because the hashtag does not show on Twitter and sometimes does not show the product name. Please update this great plugin
26 فبراير، 2018 1 reply
Este es el mejor plugin, si sos un novato, este plugin te va a ayudar con todo, hace todo perfectamente. Muchas gracias!
7 ديسمبر، 2017 1 reply
I have to say this really work out of the box, simple and easy to implement and works. I tried three plugin today before I found this one and is really great. I am installing the instagram. Very happy!
31 يناير، 2017
Just tested this and it does nicely an autopost to Twitter for new products as well as for updates on products. Set up is easy and quick as well. Great work! Keep it up.
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