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WooCommerce Simple Add Related Products to Blog Posts

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WooCommerce Simple Add Related Products to Blog Posts


This Plugin makes it easy to add WooCommerce “Related Products” to individual blog posts.
Select any of your WooCommerce Products from the WordPress “Add Post” admin screen to add them to the bottom of your post content. Inserts the selected products with linked thumbnails to the bottom of your post content and includes css classes that make them easy to customize! This plugin is not meant to be an all encompassing WooCommerce Related Products Add-On. It is just a simple solution to get WooCommerce products onto your blog posts

لقطات الشاشة

  • Screenshot of the plugin listed on the Plugins admin page.
  • Screenshot showing the “Related Product on Blog Posts” Settings Page
  • Screenshot showing the “Related Product on Blog Posts” Settings Page correctly configured
  • Screenshot of the Custom Meta Box that appears on the “Add New Post” page. The products listed are for example purposes only. Your product list will differ.
  • Screenshot showing an example of the related products as they appear at the bottom of a blog post.


Requirement: You must have the WooCommerce plugin installed with existing live products.

Note: Some knowledge of CSS required to customize the look of the related products and add to cart buttons.

Simply activate this plugin from the Plugins page and select your Blog’s “parent” category under “Settings > Related Products on Posts” to enable the related products on those pages only. Then, a new admin meta box will appear in the Blog Post Editor Page. There you can select any of your current WooCommerce plugins from a simple list. After you publish the post the related products will appear directly after your post content in thumbnail size. All of the HTML elements have classes assigned for easy style customization.

الأسئلة المتكررّة

I have activated the plugin, how come I can’t see the “Related Products” section in the “Add New Posts” page?

It may be hidden by default. While on the Blog Post Editor Page, go to the top right under “Screen Options” and make sure “Related Products” box is selected.

How come my product images are oddly sized or different sizes?

It is up to you to optimize your own images for online use. This includes using uniform image dimensions for all your products or setting “max-width”, “max-height” styles in your CSS files.

How do I customize the look of the related products?

All of the HTML elements have unique classes for easy CSS customization. By default, the width of each related product displayed in the blog post is set at 25%. So, if you have 4 related products selected, they will display inline next to each other. However, more than that will stack the related products below accordingly. Unfortunately at this time, the related products are only displayed in your site’s default “thumbnail size”, so it will be up to you to upload good images and customize them using CSS.

Does this feature work on Custom Post Types?

This version has not been tested with custom post types. Currently it is intended only to appear on normal wp posts with the post_type of “post” and the parent blog category you select under “Settings > Related Products on Posts”

Does this feature work with Post Excerpts?

Currently this feature is designed to display related products only on single blog posts, not archive or category pages.


2 مايو، 2020
It does what’s promised. Might not be ideal for those who have extensive stock but for stores into the hundreds it is an easy job to add related products onto the bottom of a blog article. One suggestion for a future update could be to add a meta field in the setting and allow the user to change the header from “related Products” to anything else. This could be helpful as it could be customised seasonally or it could be modified according to the specific need of the shop (sales / clearance / BOGOF etc.)
23 سبتمبر، 2016
Being able to attach WooCommerce related products to our blog posts is essential for building internal product links on our site. This plugin makes it very easy to add as many products as you want to individual blog posts. The only additional feature I would suggest is the ability to add a “Buy Now” button beneath the related products. Thanks!
3 سبتمبر، 2016
Just like the description says, this is a simple and easy to use add-on for WooCommerce that allows you add to add “Related products” to Blog Posts.
3 سبتمبر، 2016 1 reply
Easy to use but products doesnt appear on page. Can you email me the solution? There is as way to display products on blog page as well? vitorlimag@gmail.com Cheers
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