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2 ديسمبر، 2021
What a piece of junk. I was using this plugin for the manual payment and at first it wouldn't show the amount at the checkout. then I realized it wasn't compatible with the php v8.0. I set the php back to 7.4 and everything was working fine (though it would display the payment amount for each product randomly but at least there was no issue calculating the amount at the checkout) Now it neither shows the amount for each product nor at the checkout. I hate to write a bad review and I usually update them if the support resolve the problem but since their support is awful I'm going to remove this plugin once and for all.
1 أكتوبر، 2021
This plugin conflicts with the shipping/billing fields functionality on our checkout. We've been super patient with support but have received no acknowledgement/support in over a month. Cannot recommend at all until the issue is resolved and/or the level of support improves.
27 مايو، 2021
Assolutamente da consigliare a chiunque desideri un plugin per pagamento con Altcoin, il supporto è velocissimo, professionale e il loro servizio ha il costo più basso del web! Non ho trovato plugin migliore su tutto il web! Sono molto soddisfatto!
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