VoucherMe for WooCommerce


Our Gift Voucher solution allows customers to purchase your gift vouchers 24/7 in a new and engaging way. There are no set up costs, contracts or ongoing fees….EVER…..so we only make money when you do!

Your customers have the option to purchase both eVouchers & Hard Copy Vouchers. eVouchers are sent to the recipient via text or email and delivered immediately, or any time the customer chooses in the future such as an anniversary, birthday, etc. Hard Copy Vouchers are sent via ‘snail mail’ and you don’t have to worry about a thing as we take care of everything.

While we have created a complete Gift Voucher solution for you, we also created VoucherMe to give your customers a new experience in the purchasing and delivery of Gift Vouchers. There are over 20 Occasions and 120 different card options to choose from and for the recipient, they don’t just get any old eVoucher….Oh No! As an alternative to the standard email voucher our eVoucher is a dynamic gift card that pops out of an envelope, and depending on the occasion chosen, is accompanied by love hearts, balloons or fireworks.

From your VoucherMe dashboard you have instant access to your gift voucher funds through your MangoPay eWallet. Your funds are held securely in your eWallet and you have complete control of when and how much you want to draw down to your linked bank account. You also have access to all your reporting needs, such as Voucher Sales, Voucher Redeem History & Vat Reports.

لقطات الشاشة

  • Gift Voucher option on WooCommerce Checkout


If you haven’t already created your VoucherMe account, don’t worry! Just let us know and one of our On-Boarding Team will happily create your account and Store Page for you.

  1. Install and activate plugin
  2. Click “Settings” or visit “WooCommerce” > “Settings” > “VoucherMe”
  3. Check box to “Enable VoucherMe”
  4. Enter VoucherMe API key (from “Manage Store” on VoucherMe Dashboard)
  5. Save Changes! The checkout will be automatically updated to allow Voucher redemptions.

الأسئلة المتكررّة

What is VoucherMe’s fee?

We charge 5% commission per transaction which includes the Payment Service Provider fee of 2%. There are no other ongoing fees or charges!

How is Gift Voucher payment handled?

We use MangoPay which is a dedicated marketplace Payment Service Provider located in Belgium. We have created a fully integrated checkout system on our website to make sure your customers have a seamless shopping experience.

When are Gift Voucher funds available?

Your gift voucher funds (less commission) become available immediately in your MangoPay eWallet. You access this through your VoucherMe dashboard and you have the freedom to draw down funds to your linked bank account whenever you choose.

What currencies and languages do we support?

We currently only accept payments in Euro.

What value of Gift Vouchers can I sell?

Your customers can purchase gift vouchers for any value between €10 to €500.

How do customers purchase my Gift Vouchers?

We create a branded Store Page for you on the VoucherMe website so your Gift Vouchers are available to purchase 24/7. We then help you link to this from your website through a Gift Voucher button. You can also link to your Store Page with a View Gift Card button on your Facebook page or a Store Page link on your Instagram Bio.

Can I sell Hard Copy Vouchers through my Store Page?

You bet! Customers have the option of choosing a high-quality hard copy voucher, just the way they designed it during the purchasing process. They also choose to have it delivered by post to them or the recipient. We charge €3 for this service which covers processing and postage. We take care of all of this for you.

What happens if a customer doesn’t use the full value of their Gift Voucher?

Whether used in-store or online, if the full value of a gift voucher isn’t redeemed then the balance is stored securely in the back end of our website. The Gift Voucher can be redeemed as many times as the customer wishes, up until the balance is zero.


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Release Date – 14 September 2021

  • Initial release of plugin to public