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Ultimate Team Showcase – Advanced WordPress Team Members Plugin

Ultimate Team Showcase – Advanced WordPress Team Members Plugin


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Ultimate Team Showcase will use a small code on your post or page to highlight your team or staff. A team member’s photo, social media links, vCard, and other information can be shown. You can use different layouts like grid, list or slider to showcase your team members.

Ultimate Team Showcase plugin has 2 unique layouts and some awesome 14 styling options. You can easily create your team members section on your WordPress site in a few minutes.

Ultimate Team Showcase Pro plugin has 6 unique layouts and some awesome 88 styling options. You can easily create your team members section on your WordPress site in a few minutes.

It has category options. You can add different team members in different categories. Then you can create multiple team shortcodes to show multiple team member grids.😎

Best WordPress Ultimate Team Showcase Plugin with Shortcode and Elementor Addons

Ultimate Team Showcase is your go-to solution for effortlessly presenting your team members on your WordPress website. With seamless shortcode integration and full compatibility with Elementor Addons, creating stunning team showcases has never been easier.

Check out a demo video

Demo video above includes some premium features.

Available Layouts

👉 Grid Layout: Get a modern grid layout that seamlessly organizes your team members, creating a visually appealing display on your WordPress site. By neatly aligning each member, viewers can effortlessly explore and appreciate the unique qualities of each team contributor. View Layout

👉 Slider Layout: Make your team showcase engaging with an interactive slider layout that dynamically highlights each member. This engaging layout seamlessly transitions into team profiles, providing an engaging experience for your website visitors and encouraging them to delve deeper into the diverse talents of your team. View Layout

👉 Team Single Page Layout:
View a detailed example of a single team member’s showcase. Single Team Demo

Available Input Fields

👉 Description: Create compelling narratives that explore the unique skills, experiences, and contributions of each team member. The Description field provides a canvas to showcase the unique qualities that make your team exceptional.

👉 Designation: Clearly define the role and responsibilities of each team member through the designation field. This detail provides visitors with valuable insights into the diverse talents and expertise within your team.

👉 Phone Number: Increase direct communication by including a dedicated field for phone numbers This personal touch enables visitors to easily reach out to team members, making direct connections.

👉 Email Address: Facilitate hassle-free communication by providing individual email addresses for team members. This direct communication channel facilitates discovery, and collaboration and ensures a smooth flow of information between your team and your audience.

👉 Website Link: Extend the reach of your team members by incorporating website links. This feature serves as a gateway to additional information, guiding visitors to personal or professional pages for a more in-depth understanding of each team member.

👉 Address: Share the location or address of each team member to increase transparency and connectivity. This personal touch encourages a sense of authenticity and openness.

👉 Short Description: A brief description can mention key achievements and standout qualities. This snippet offers a quick and engaging overview, providing viewers with a snapshot of each team member’s notable characteristics.

👉 Social Links: By including social links you can increase online connections. Visitors will be able to connect with team members on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and more, increasing the sense of community and engagement.

👉 Category Select: Organizations can be organized by classifying team members based on roles or departments. This feature improves navigation, allowing visitors to explore and find relevant information within specific categories, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

👉 Member Image Upload: Add a personal touch to each profile by enabling team members to upload professional photos. This visual element will not only enhance the overall aesthetic but also create a more approachable and human connection between your team and your audience.

Key Features List

Layout Styles

👉 Grid Layout: Choose from 7 unique grid styles to display your team members in a visually stunning and organized way.

👉 Slider Layout: Engage your audience with 7 distinct slider styles that add dynamism to your team presentation.

👉 Elementor Addon: Elementor Widget is included. You can now display WP Ultimate Team in the Elementor page easily with lots of customization options.

Plugin Functionality

👉 Plugin Team Single Page: A dedicated single page for each team member, providing in-depth information and personalization.

👉 Plugin Admin Panel: Easily manage and customize your team showcase through a user-friendly admin panel.

👉 Shortcode Generator: Generate custom shortcodes easily to display your team in various layouts throughout your WordPress site.

👉 Team Custom Post Type: You can use a custom post type designed specifically to manage and display your team members.

👉 Custom Taxonomy: Organize your team effectively with custom taxonomies based on roles, departments, or any customized criteria.

👉 Ultimate Color Selector: Match your team’s showcase colors with your website’s branding and seamless design.

👉 Member Filter Option: Allow users to filter team members based on specific criteria, enhancing user experience.

Customization Options

👉 Custom Slug Rewrite: Customize the URLs of your team pages for a personalized and SEO-friendly structure.

👉 Taxonomy Slug Rewrite: Customize the slugs for your taxonomies to create a more coherent and structured website.

👉 Change Category Label: Personalize category labels to match your team’s unique roles or departments..

👉 Single Template Padding Option: Control the padding of your single team member templates for a customized appearance.

CSS and JS Control

👉 Enable/Disable Bootstrap CSS: Have control over Bootstrap CSS integration for seamless compatibility.

👉 Enable/Disable Font Awesome CSS: Manage the inclusion of Font Awesome CSS for icon styling.

👉 Enable/Disable Owl Carousel CSS: Toggle Owl Carousel CSS based on your design preferences.

👉 Enable/Disable FlexSlider CSS: Control FlexSlider CSS integration for slider styling.

👉 Enable/Disable Magnific Popup CSS: Customize the integration of Magnific Popup CSS for lightbox effects.

👉 Enable/Disable Isotope JS: Decide whether to include Isotope JS for advanced layout filtering.

👉 Enable/Disable Owl Carousel JS: Control the inclusion of Owl Carousel JS for dynamic sliders.

👉 Enable/Disable FlexSlider JS: Manage the integration of FlexSlider JS for slider functionality.

👉 Enable/Disable Magnific Popup JS: Customize the inclusion of Magnific Popup JS for lightbox effects.

Compatibility and Readiness

👉 WPML Ready: Ensure seamless translation with WPML compatibility, catering to a global audience.

👉 Compatible with PHP 8: Stay up-to-date with the latest PHP version, ensuring optimal performance.

👉 Compatible with WordPress 6.0.1: Enjoy compatibility with the latest WordPress version for a secure and up-to-date team showcase.

🔥 Pro Features List (Ultimate Team Showcase)

Layout Styles

👉 Grid Layout: Elevate your team showcase with a whopping 25 unique grid styles for a highly customizable and visually stunning presentation.

👉 Slider Layout: Engage your audience with 25 distinct slider styles, providing dynamic and captivating transitions for a truly immersive experience.

👉 Isotope Layout: Get 2 unique filter styles, which enhance user navigation and ensure a seamless browsing experience.

👉 Light Box Layout: Enjoy 25 additional lightbox styles, offering even more elegant and focused viewing options.

👉 List Layout: Present your team members with a structured table format, ensuring a quick and systematic overview.

👉 Flip-Layout: Enjoy 5 additional Flip-styles, Present your team members with a structured table format, ensuring a quick and systematic overview.

Design Enhancements

👉 Address: Include team members’ addresses for a more comprehensive profile display.

👉 Short Description: Provide concise yet impactful short descriptions, offering quick insights into each team member.

👉 Social Links: Expand your social connectivity with links to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, TikTok, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Github, Dribbble, and Dropbox.

Advanced Display Settings

👉 Team Per Page: Set the number of team members to display per page, optimizing the user experience.

👉 Choose Category: Customize your team showcase by selecting specific categories to feature.

👉 Select Column (2 Column, 3 Column, 4 Column): Tailor the layout to your preferences with flexible column options.

Slider Configuration

👉 Slider Setting: Fine-tune your sliders with advanced settings for a more personalized and dynamic presentation.

👉 Navigation Dots Enable/Disable: Control the visibility of navigation dots for slider navigation precision.

👉 Navigation Arrow Enable/Disable: Toggle navigation arrows to guide users through your slider content seamlessly.

👉 Autoplay Enable/Disable: Optimize user engagement with the choice to enable or disable slider autoplay.

👉 Loop Enable/Disable: Customize the slider experience by enabling or disabling the loop functionality.

Enhanced Filter Controls

👉 Filter Setting: Refine your team display with advanced filter settings for a more tailored user experience.

👉 Change Filter Text: Personalize filter text to align with your branding and user interface.

👉 Filter Align (Left, Right, Center): Choose the alignment of your filters to suit your design preferences.

Column Configuration

👉 Select Column (2 Column, 3 Column, 4 Column): Have the flexibility to choose the number of columns in your team display for a balanced and aesthetically pleasing layout.

Plugin shortcode usage

After create team shortcode
you can copy the shortcode and past into page like this:

[wp_ultimate_team_shortcode id="295"]

Shortcode PHP Usage

When you use php file try to use shortcode like this:

<?php echo do_shortcode("[wp_ultimate_team_shortcode id='295']"); ?>

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Designed and Developed with ♥ by RSTheme


WordPress version at least: 4.5 
PHP version at least: 7.0

لقطات الشاشة

  • Grid Layout
  • Grid Layout
  • Grid Layout
  • Slider Layout
  • Single Team Page
  • Shortcodes
  • Member Basic Information
  • Social Information
  • Shortcode Setting
  • All Teams



  1. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins > New Plugin.
  2. Find our Ultimate Team Showcase plugin by RSTheme and Click Install Now.
  3. Alternatively, download the plugin and upload the contents of ultimate-team-showcase.x.x.x.zip to your plugins directory, which usually is /wp-content/plugins/
  4. Activate the plugin

الأسئلة المتكررّة

🔰 Is it compatible with the latest version of WordPress?

  • Yes, it is compatible with the latest version. Stay worry-free knowing that the Ultimate Team Showcase plugin is up-to-date and fully compatible with the latest WordPress version, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

🔰 Need any help?

  • Please Create Support Ticket: Click Here If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help. Click the link to create a support ticket, and we’ll strive to address your inquiries promptly.

🔰 How to use shortcodes ?

  • After creating a team shortcode, you can easily integrate it into your content. Simply copy the generated shortcode and paste it into your editor where you want to display your team.

    [wp_ultimate_team_shortcode id=”295″]

This ensures a hassle-free integration of your Ultimate Team Showcase.

🔰 Is the Ultimate Team Members Showcase Plugin supporting multi-language?

  • Yes, this Ultimate Team Showcase plugin supports multi-language. Reach a broader audience by showcasing your team in multiple languages, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.

🔰 Can anyone use this plugin with any theme?

  • Yes, anyone can use this plugin with any theme. Enjoy the flexibility of integrating the Ultimate Team Showcase plugin seamlessly into your preferred theme. If you encounter any issues, feel free to create a : Click Here.
    . Our team will strive to assist you within 24 hours. 😎


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سجل التغييرات

1.0.5 – 13-05-2024

  • Making it compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • Bug Fixes

1.0.4 – 08-05-2024

  • Making it compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • Tabs Error Solved.
  • Styles Updated.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Security Update

1.0.3 – 29-03-2024

  • Making it compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • Making Elementor Compatible
  • Error Fixed.
  • Styles Updated.
  • New layouts added.

1.0.2 – 21-03-2024

  • Making it compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • Error Fixed.
  • Styles Updated.
  • New layouts added.

1.0.1 – 21-12-2023

  • Making it compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • PHP 8.x Compatible.
  • Styles Updated.

1.0.0-beta – 22-07-2020

  • Initial beta release