Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect


Do your site have more content editor / authors who upload contents? Do you site content managed by team of multiple person ? Do you run a site with user submitted content?

Finally ended up with duplicate content on your website or blog? Duplicate content divide traffic and may be penalized by google for SEO ranking.

So, You must remove duplicate content (posts, pages, etc.) and also you have to take care of removed content URL to redirect to main URL.

Now, with help of this amazing plugin called “Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect” you can find and remove duplicate content. Also permanently redirect ‘Removed Content’ URL to main URL to divert traffic to one URL and be safe from being penalized by Google for duplicate content.

Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirection Plugin Features

  • View all duplicate posts, pages, custom post type posts
  • Post type wise searching available
  • Trash duplicates and keep the newest or oldest
  • Redirection to kept post will be done automatically
  • Individual post can also be trashed
  • You can add or delete redirections

Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirection PRO Plugin Features

  • Enable or Disable redirection
  • Trash Duplicate without 301 Redirection
  • 301 Redirection of Duplicate without Trash
  • Wildcard Redirection
  • Delete Post Meta Permanently
  • Import/Export Redirection List

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الدعم الفني

If you find any issue please ask questions on support forum or We’re active for any support issues and feature suggestions. We will try to resolve your issues asap. So hope you will love it.


The purpose of this plugin is to find and delete duplicate posts and redirect deleted posts to preserve you link. We have performed testing with various cases to make sure plugins works very well, but you should make sure you have a backup of your database, before installing plugin.


Currently I am not aware of any compatibility issues with any other WordPress plugins. (NOTE: Please have a back of your database before installing plugin)


This plugin is released under the GPL licence. I do not accept any responsibility for any damages or losses, direct or indirect, that may arise from using the plugin or these instructions. This software is provided as is, with absolutely no warranty. Please refer to the full version of the GPL license for more information.

لقطات الشاشة

  • Duplicate Posts Dashboard With Detail
  • Duplicate Posts With Dynamic Pagination
  • 301 Redirection List With Add/Delete Functionality


  1. Download the file and unzip it.
  2. Upload the trash-duplicate-and-301-redirect folder to the wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Activate the Trash Duplicate And 301 Redirection plugin from plugin page on wordpress admin area.

Alternatively, you can install the plugin automatically through the WordPress Admin

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New thorough admin panel
  2. Search for Trash Duplicate And 301 Redirection
  3. Click on Install Now button and then click on Activate Plugin link

الأسئلة المتكررّة

Is plugin support with custom post type?

Yes, Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect plugin supports with custom post type also.

Can I undo or revert my changes after I removed duplicate posts?

Yes you can. Once you done with process then those posts are simply moved on ‘Trash’, not fully deleted from sites. You can backup and live duplicate posts anytime with different naming.

Is there any selection as I can select my newest post from duplicate posts and remove all old ones?

Yes, there is one setting option available before following plugin steps. You can keep your oldest or newest post and remove remaining posts.

Can I include my ‘Draft Posts’ with this filtration before proceed?

Yes, you need to select “show drafts” option for that condition.

Can I redirect my URLs to another website’s URLs?

Yes, you can redirect your requested URLs to another websites URLs but make sure your requested URL must be within WordPress call.

Should I take a backup before using this tool?

Yes. We recommend as you should take a backup (specially database) before doing any plugin actions.

What happens if it deletes something I do not want to delete?

You should restore the backup you took of your website before you ran this tool.


6 يوليو، 2022
I decided to remove this plugin as it consumes too many resources everytime I delete duplicate posts. In fact, my CPU usage reaches 100% while my memory usage reached around 70%.
1 أغسطس، 2021
NEEDS an option to auto-delete (Choi8ce of Trash or Permanently) duplicate posts. Deleting hundreds a week is tiring. Otherwise - Perfect
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Release date: December 26th, 2022

  • Updated: Make compatible with WordPress 6.1.1
  • Fixed: Code Improvements


Release date: November 8th, 2022

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  • Fixed: minor bug fix


Release date: July 9th, 2021

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  • Updated: Make compatible with WordPress 5.8


Release date: January 8th, 2021

  • Updated: Make compatible with WordPress 5.6


Release date: August 5th, 2020

  • Added: ‘Delete data on deletion of plugin’ option
  • Updated: Make compatible with WordPress 5.5
  • Fixed: minor bug fix


Release date: February 14th, 2020

  • Added: WPML plugin support
  • Added: Log all the trashed pages, posts


Release date: December 19th, 2019

  • Updated: Make compatible with WordPress 5.3.2
  • Fixed: Security issues


Release date: July 15th,2019

  • Updated: Make compatible with WordPress 5.2.2
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  • Fixed: Redirection not add when oldest/newest apply
  • Fixed: Security issues
  • Fixed: minor bug fix


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  • Updated: Make rtl compatible


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Release date: November 21st, 2017

  • Updated: Make compatible with WordPress 4.9


Release date: November 7th, 2017

  • Updated: Make compatible with WordPress 4.8.3


Release date: October 2nd, 2017

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Release date: September 29th, 2017

  • Updated: Make compatible with WordPress 4.8.2


Release date: September 20th, 2017

  • Updated: Change Admin UI
  • Fixed: pagination and total duplicate count issues solved


Release date: August 4th, 2017

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  • Fixed: Localization issue resolved


Release date: June 8th, 2017

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Release date: January 4th, 2017

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Release date: December 9th, 2015

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Release Date: October 16th, 2015

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  • Updated: UI improvements
  • Updated: Sidebar added for fast submission of review and add ticket in support
  • Fixed: Issue resolved with WP DEBUG


Release Date: June 9th, 2015

  • Initial release