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TLP Food Menu is fully responsive and mobile friendly food menu display plugin for restaurant, cafes, bars, coffee house, fast food. you can call it in templates, posts, pages and widgets. From admin end you can easily create food item with name, description, Excerpt (used as short description), image and price.

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It is fully HTML5 and CSS3. It has ShortCode and widget included. You can display all food item or multiple category or single category at a time.

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  • Fully Responsive
  • Display All Food item, Multiple or Single Category in a Page/ Post
  • Currency select option
  • Custom meta fields
  • Custom CSS option
  • ShortCode
  • Custom Detail Page template

Fully translatable

  • POT files included (/languages/)

Available fields

  • Title (Menu item name)
  • Description (Post Content)
  • Category (WP default)
  • Order (used for ordering in menu order)
  • Price (Custom field)
  • Excerpt (used as short description)
  • Featured image (Main image)

ShortCode settings

  • All Food Items:
    [foodmenu] or [foodmenu orderby="menu_order" order="ASC"]
  • Display Multi Category:
    [foodmenu cat="4,8" orderby="title" order="ASC"]
  • Display Single Category:
    [foodmenu cat="4" orderby="menu_order" order="ASC"]
  • cat = catgory id (only integer)
  • orderby = Orderby (title , date, menu_order)
  • order = ASC, DESC

For Use Template PHP File :-

<?php echo do_shortcode('[foodmenu cat="4" orderby="menu_order" order="ASC"]'); ?>

Pro Features

  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly.
  • 11 Amazing Layouts with Grid, Masonry, Isotope & Slider.
  • Even and Masonry Grid for all Grid.
  • Layout by category.
  • Generate Unlimited grid.
  • Layout Preview in Shortcode Settings.
  • Custom number of menu per page.
  • Order by Id, Name, Create Date, Menu Order, Random & Price.
  • Display image size (thumbnail, medium, large, full and Custom Image Size)
  • Custom Image Re-size option.
  • Add Visual Composer Addon.
  • Search field on Isotope.
  • Set Default Isotope Filter Button.
  • Disable Show All Button for Isotope Filter.
  • All Fields Control.
  • All Text color, size and Button Color control.
  • Overlay color and opacity control.
  • Default image set option in Shortcode generator settings.
  • Enable/Disable Pagination.
  • Number Pagination Supported.
  • Ajax Pagination: Load more, Load on scroll and AJAX Number Pagination
  • AJAX Number Pagination (only for Grid layouts).
  • Single Menu Item Popup.

For any bug or suggestion please mail us:

لقطات الشاشة

  • All list view
  • Category list view
  • Specific list view
  • Widget view
  • Add New Food
  • Food Menu Settings


تقدّم هذه الإضافة مكوّنين اثنين (2).

  • Food Menu
  • Food Menu


  1. Add plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create food menu.
  4. Add shortCode to display the food item.


  • WordPress version: >= 4
  • PHP version: >= 5.2.4

الأسئلة المتكررّة

How to Use Food menu

  • Go to Food menu > Add Food
  • Go to page or post editor insert shortcode.

  • All Food Items:
    [foodmenu] or [foodmenu orderby="menu_order" order="ASC"]

  • Display Multi Category:
    [foodmenu cat="4,8" orderby="title" order="ASC"]
  • Display Single Category:
    [foodmenu cat="4" orderby="menu_order" order="ASC"]

Need Any Help?

  • Please mail us at
  • We provide 15 hours live support


3 مارس، 2020
The free version is very basic, but the Pro version is good and has potential to be better. Is woocommerce-enabled which is a plus, you don't need to use the cart if you don't need to. There are a few areas that do not work as they should, hoping a support reply will clear that up. Notes for improvements: Would be useful to have common food menu icons (font awesome) available for the titles, and the ability to have more than one price for large and small dishes. You can input menu variables, but this give you a price range not a choice of prices, or '&' to use instead of '-'.
24 أبريل، 2018
I love this plugin. After trying few other menu plugins I must say this is so far the best one. I bought the Pro version and I can enjoy a great variety of layouts and an infinte combination of styles and settings. It is the first time I actually enjoy compiling menus, I like the easy and intuitive logic behind the design of the plugin, and running a multilingual site with WPML, I find the multilingual perfect integration useful. Technical support is (via email) is fast and reliable, and replied me during weekend hours. I feel 5 stars aren't enough to express how much I am satisfied with this plugin, after struggling with other (for me) not so complete options. Thank you RadiusTheme! Cheers, Cris
4 فبراير، 2017
This plugin is ideal for my client's site. It has all the functionality we need, has a very attractive appearance and works like a charm! There was one small issue and Mamunur fixed it within a few hours of contact. Great customer support! You can see it in action at Thanks Mamunur!
31 أكتوبر، 2016
Assez simple d'utilisation, mais css un peu compliqué ce qui restreint qq possibilité de présentations.
3 سبتمبر، 2016
HI, This plugin works like a charm, fully responsive without any js clash. Plugin functionality was clashing at one or two places with travelo theme but the author of the plugin provide me a quick support and resolve all issues with in a few minutes and updates the newer version on I am very thankful and highly obliged to the author for his help and precious time. Highly recommended. Best Regards, Pavit
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  • Add WordPress 5.7 Support

  • Add WordPress 5.6 Support

  • Promo Option


  • Compatible with latest WP


  • Admin Layout Change


  • Fix Cat loop issue


  • Fix GutenBurg script error


  • Add Elementor and GutenBurg support


  • Add shortcode wrapper class


  • Add elementor support

= 2.2.2=
* Fixed Archive page


  • Remove admin Notice


  • Hide price at detail page
  • Fix deprecated issue


  • Add Quick Edit price
  • hide image and link issue fixed
  • Add new feature at settings for hide image from details


  • Shortcode Generator added
  • Fixing some coding issue
  • Title color added


  • Pro version released
  • Fixing some jquery issue


  • الرابط الثابت
  • Layout Grid style improvement
  • Fix some bug


  • Initial upload