Members Import

This plug-in allows you to batch import of users/members taken from an uploaded CSV file.

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Opal Membership

Opalmembership Plugin for WordPress websites with the best services and awesome features.

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CiviCRM Member Sync

Keep WordPress Users in sync with CiviCRM Memberships by granting either a Role or Capabilities…

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FP LinkedIn Profile

Bring your LinkedIn profiles to your site to help users discover common professional connections. This…

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Sports Club Management

Create members, competitions (leagues, ladder, knockout) (and, optional, invoices) for your (sports) club. Easy to…

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Creates a fenced membership area with private content.

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BuddyPress Community Stats

This plugin will display your buddypress community total counts for members, status updates, group forums…

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Simple Membership Menu

Simple membership Menu, permits to configure visibility on menu items, following Simple Membership available roles.

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