Sync OPML to Blogroll


Keep your WordPress blogroll in sync with your feed reader.

Syncs once daily. RSS feeds are stored as Links, editable through WordPress’s Link Manager. (Note: This plugin also restores the WordPress Link Manager, which since version 3.5 of WordPress is hidden by default.)

Supports basic authentication as used by, e.g., Miniflux, and offers experimental support for categories.

For a feed to be picked up, it requires both a valid site URL and a valid feed link, though most if not all feed readers will take care of that for you.

To display the resulting “blogroll” on your site’s front end, a [bookmarks] shortcode is introduced.

More details can be found on this plugin’s GitHub page.


Icon, Copyright 2006 OPML Icon Project
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Within WP Admin, visit Plugins > Add New and search for “sync OPML” to locate the plugin. (Alternatively, upload this plugin’s ZIP file via the “Upload Plugin” button.)

After activation, head over to Settings > Sync OPML to Blogroll to tell WordPress about your OPML endpoint of choice.

More detailed instructions can be found on this plugin’s GitHub page.


7 ديسمبر، 2022
We've been looking for a way to dynamically display a list of feeds monitored on a web project of ours - and this little gem delivered impressively straight out of the box. ( This would have been a 5-star-review if a) the plugin would have brought along it's own shortcode/s (instead of relying on third-party-solutions) + b) documentation would have been properly included instead of being maintained externally (on GitHub, at the time of this writing); but these are really minor blemishes on an otherwise wonderfully simple and effective solution. ) Kudos to you, @janboddez, for making this available + I hope our li'l review can help getting it some more of the love it deserves. 🙂
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Added bookmarks shortcode.


Default category option.


Setting naming.


Added support for microformats (HTML) feeds.


Fixed sync, added ability to denylist feeds.


Updated readme.txt.


Initial release.