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Are you tired of struggling to increase your affiliate conversions?

Using Simple URLs is the easiest way to increase your affiliate conversions and scale your business.

Simple URLs is a WordPress plugin that will help you create beautiful product displays, find new opportunities, and easily manage your essential links in an affiliate dashboard. No coding is required.

If you’re serious about growing your niche site into a thriving affiliate marketing business, then download Simple URLs today.


Simple URLs’ no-code displays have been proven to increase clicks by over 30%.

Creating a Simple URLs display is easy! All you have to do is add your affiliate link to Simple URLs, tweak the link details, like the product title and description, and click save. Then you can copy the shortcode and insert your display into your posts.

What if you aren’t using Amazon? No problem! You can add any link from any affiliate program to Simple URLs and create a custom display that looks incredible.


Ditch the spreadsheets and start managing your affiliate links in a way that makes sense. Simple URLs makes it easy to find and insert your links or swap them out when needed.

If a link is broken or a product is out of stock, simply update the link in your Simple URLs dashboard, and it will automatically update every use of that link across your entire site.

Forgot where you put a link? Search for it in your Simple URLs Dashboard, and Simple URLs will pull it right up!


When you use Simple URLs, you won’t have to stop writing to search your spreadsheet for the correct affiliate link. You can search for any of your links from inside the post editor, just like with internal links.

Choose the link you want to insert, and get back to writing.

If you want to insert a product display, you don’t have to waste your time finding images and formatting a call-out box. Simply click the Simple URLs icon, select your product display, or copy and paste the product’s shortcode from the Simple URLs dashboard.

Streamlining your workflow with Simple URLs lets you create more content and grow your niche site even faster.


Here are some of Simple URLs` unique features:

  • Product Displays That Convert
  • Link Management Dashboard
  • Amazon Product Data
  • Link Cloaking
  • New Window, NoFollow, and Sponsored link attributes
  • Brand-specific color customization, no coding required
  • Automatic affiliate disclosures
  • Classic and Gutenberg Editor shortcuts
  • Easy text links
  • Import from other affiliate plugins
  • Easily import and upgrade to Lasso
  • Free support
  • Affiliate link picker tool, which works just like the WordPress link tool
  • Insert standard links or add-ons, including widgets and shortcodes
  • Customize your displays with superior functionality
  • Makes it easy for affiliate marketers to insert affiliate links in posts, the sidebars, and landing pages (even e-commerce sites)
  • Simple URLs works with any WordPress editor
  • Affiliate software lets you easily create new affiliate links inside your posts in real-time without leaving the post edit screen
  • Easily create, shorten and manage any URL to help you cross-promote your brands & products for lead generation
  • Create “pretty links” instantly regardless of the number of affiliate partners.
  • Level up your affiliate links
  • Pricing is $0 with the free version


Installing Simple URLs is quick, free, and easy:

  • Download Simple URLs from the WordPress Plugin Repository or go to Plugins>Add New from your WordPress dashboard and search for Simple URLs
  • If you downloaded the plugin, click “Upload Plugin” and upload the .zip file
  • Activate the plugin and complete the onboarding steps
  • Click “Add a Link” and paste your affiliate link
  • Edit your link details and click save
  • Copy the display’s shortcode and paste it into your blog post

That’s all there is to it! Repeat the last three steps with as many affiliate products as you want; there’s no limit.

By following that simple process, you can create unlimited product displays that you can find and insert instantly.


If you’re serious about scaling your business, Lasso can help you do it.
Here are just some of the premium features available to Lasso users:

  • Multiple Display Themes
  • Comparison Tables
  • Product Grids
  • Product Lists
  • Multiple CTA Buttons
  • Product Data
  • Performance Tracking
  • Broken Link Alerts
  • Out-of-Stock Amazon Product Alerts
  • Monetization Opportunity Reports

Lasso is the most powerful affiliate marketing tool in the world. Find out why internet marketers everywhere are switching to Lasso.

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What is Simple URLs?

Simple URLs is a free link management tool that allows you to cloak links and create product displays. It’s designed to help you increase your affiliate revenue so you can scale your niche site faster. It is the free version of our premium WordPress affiliate plugin, Lasso.

How will Simple URLs help grow my business?

Simple URLs allows you to easily create stunning product displays, which have been proven to improve clicks, just by adding your referral link. More clicks mean more referrals and more affiliate commissions for you. You can reinvest in your business and grow faster with that added revenue.

How is Simple URLs different than Pretty Links?

Simple URLs does everything Pretty Links does, and much more. You can use Lasso to cloak and manage links, create incredible product displays, and increase your clickthrough rates.

How is Simple URLs different than ThirstyAffiliates?

Simple URLs allows you to manage your affiliate links the same way ThirstyAffiliates does, but with a much better link management dashboard. Simple URLs also gives you easy to use product displays, link groups, and more!

Can I use Simple URLs with any WordPress theme?

Absolutely! Simple URLs operates mainly in the WordPress admin, but the front-end features are compatible with any WordPress theme. If you believe you’ve found a compatibility issue, reach out to our support team, and we’ll get it taken care of right away!

Can I use Simple URLs on non-WordPress sites?

Simple URLs is a WordPress-only plugin like Pretty Links, ThirstyAffiliates, EasyAzon, AffiliateWP, Easy Affiliate, or WooCommerce. It can only be installed on websites or Business domains.

However, you can install Simple URLs on any new or existing WordPress website without interrupting your existing content. In addition, the shortened links you create with Simple URLs can be shared anywhere, such as forums, social media, email marketing campaigns, PDF and Word Documents, QR Codes… basically, anywhere you can share a link.

Can I track my affiliate links in Google Analytics?

Yes. You can either use the free Google Analytics by Yoast plugin or connect your site to Google Analytics directly. You can also connect Google Analytics by upgrading to Lasso.

Can I migrate existing links into Simple URLs?

Yes, as long as you can export your links (either via an .htaccess file, an export script, or the database), you can use the Simple URLs Importer to import your links easily.

Does Simple URLs Affect SEO?

Simple URLs will not hurt your SEO, and in many cases it can help SEO. Lasso’s lightweight displays keep readers on your site, which increases time-on-page and decreases bounce rates.

How many affiliate programs can I use with Lasso?

Lasso works with unlimited affiliate programs. There’s no limit to the number of links or affiliate marketing programs you can add.

Do I need an account to use Simple URLs?

You don’t need an account to use Simple URLs. Just download the plugin from WordPress and add it to your site. No affiliate registration is required.

We do recommend adding your email address to Simple URLs, so you can recieve support

Can I use Lasso for my own products?

Yes, you can use Lasso to promote your e-commerce products, easy digital downloads, or services you offer. Just add the link, title, image, and description to Lasso.

Where can I find more information about growing an affiliate business?

We share actionable affiliate marketing tips for bloggers on our website. Also, join our newsletter to learn how to successfully monetize a WordPress website with affiliate links.


27 سبتمبر، 2023
This used to be a simple, well-coded and fantastic little plugin for your websites. It just worked! But since the takeover, all that has been thrown away in favor of a pretty coat of paint. However, the underlying system and functionality is terrible, no longer works as it should, and is very frustrating to use. There was also a recent bug that caused a it to break wp-admin for me, which was the last straw.
2 مارس، 2023
Best free affiliate plugin for cloaking links, converting affiliate sales, and getting more clicks to my affiliate offers. Thanks!
5 فبراير، 2023
Not only did my site get an upgrade aesthetically, but Lasso has helped me identify countless products that have gone out of stock on Amazon and I was able to keep more money in my pocket because of it. Plus the extra "trust" factor readers have when they see a beautiful design compared to the unbranded, guy-in-his-basement look product recommendations had before. Worth every penny.
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  • Released: September 26, 2023
  • Support for WordPress 6.3.1
  • Security Fix
  • Resolved deprecation notices in PHP 8.2


  • Released: August 31, 2023
  • Support for WordPress 6.3
  • Fixed Access Controls
  • Security Fix: Cross Site Scripting (XSS)


  • Released: May 30, 2023
  • Support for WordPress 6.2.1
  • Better Import detection and flexibility.
  • Support for Performance free-tier. Get $1k/month in affiliate revenue tracked for free.


  • Released: Feb 28, 2023
  • Fixed an edge case where you wouldn’t see Pretty Links imports.
  • Ability to disable support.