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Inventory Management, Demand Forecasting, Replenishment and Order Management for WooCommerce, all in one powerful tool.

Shelf Planner solves a retailer’s costliest problem: accurately predicting customer’s demand for hundreds of products every day.
Our forecasting engine analyses your store’s historical and daily sales, as well as external data sets that factor for local events, news trends, holidays, even school schedules and creates a live order recommendation for every product, every day of the week.

How Does it Work?

Shelf Planner is an automated forecasting and prediction engine for WooCommerce that recommends how much to order for all products for every day of the week. We use machine learning and advanced forecasting logics and create replenishment and order recommendations based on true demand from your customers.

Sales Go Up

Understock situations lead to missed sales opportunities.
Because Shelf Planner uses a so called ‘ideal stock’, based on a more accurate sales forecast, Out-of-Stock situations are reduced and sales increases.

Profits Go Up

Overstock situation will ultimately lead to forced markdown and clearances, which is weighing heavy on your net margin and profitability.
By reducing overstock situations, sell through at full price increases and net margin improves.

Main Features

Demand & Sales Forecast

  • A Live Sales forecast and order proposals that helps you with a best-in-class re-ordering plan
  • No more min/max stock, get a true demand automatically generated by our live sales forecast.
  • Get order proposals per product and per supplier for every day of the week.
  • See you sales forecast in our powerful retail insights reports.
  • Shelf Planner generates a live Sales Forecast for every product, every day of the week.
  • See your actual demand for each product based on Shelf Planner’s advanced forecasting.
  • Get real time order proposals so you never run out of stock again.
  • Manage cost prices, margins and markups for your products.

Advanced Inventory Management

  • All WooCommerce products on one screen with a smooth mouse wheel or touchpad scrolling.
  • Purchase prices now included with direct edit from the Shelf Planner pages. WooCommerce inventory management has never been easier.
  • Easily edit all Product data, such as Cost Price, Suppliers, and Product Sale Price including the date ranges of your sales.
  • Change, edit or update the inventory of every WooCommerce product in your database. Changes immediately reflect the front-end of your site.
  • Inventory / Stock filters, new product category filters, extra drop-down filters and new column sorting.
  • Intelligent settings for easy inventory/stock management.
  • Advanced WooCommerce inventory controlling and monitoring features.
  • Full support for WooCommerce variable products.
  • Bulk product Actions to activate or deactivate WooCommerce stock management at product level.
  • See inventory count and stock value for all your products.
  • Inbound stock easily tracked in our stock analyses pages – keep an eye on all your inbound WooCommerce products.

Back Order Management

  • Split Back orders to partially fulfil your customers orders
  • Keep track of partially fulfilled orders

Increase Store Performance

  • WooCommerce business statistics of revenue and product sales. Easily filter for performance per period and choose from three graphical views.
  • Powerful Reports for Sales, Lost Sales, Orders and Promo Sales.
  • Stock Analyses reports for a better WooCommerce summary of In Stock, Incoming Stock and Out of Stock Products.
  • Inventory logs now allow you to increase or reduce WooCommerce stock.
  • Track profitability of your store, products and suppliers.

Create & Track Purchase Orders

  • Set up Suppliers and create Purchase Orders directly from your store.
  • Create Purchase orders with simple PDF exports.
  • Create professional order forms with your own logo and company details.
  • Add Supplier codes and Supplier ID’s to your products and order forms.
  • Direct Purchase Order editing from the Purchase Order pages.

Manage Your Suppliers

  • Add Suppliers feature – add new suppliers and save their data for more natural inventory management and ordering.
  • Suppliers column and fully filtered product list by Suppliers name.
  • Add Purchase Orders – create purchase orders for your sellable WooCommerce inventory.
  • Easy Supplier Reports – a quick search for products per supplier has never been easier.
  • Add products to stock when you receive them at storage locations. Be notified if another user has already stocked selected WooCommerce products.
  • Purchase Order notes to control the change log of each individual PO.
  • Add Purchase Prices – add individual purchase prices and prepare your shop for monitoring of your gross profits.
  • Purchase prices can be attached to the Purchase Orders directly.

With ♥️ by Shelf Planner

We are working hard to bring more features and improvements to Shelf Planner all the time. Let us know your thoughts and ideas!

لقطات الشاشة

  • Inventory Management for WooCommerce. Simplified.
  • Powerful reports to track store and product profitability.
  • Get order proposals for all your products and reduce missed sales opportunities.
  • Create Purchase Orders and manage Incoming Stock across warehouses.
  • Manage all relevant inventory parameters and data in the Product Management pages.
  • Manage all your Supplier and vendor information.
  • No more min/max – your ideal stock is based on your sales forecast.
  • See your customer’s true demand and minimise out-of-stock situations.


Just a few steps are needed to unleash the power of Shelf Planning:
1. Install the plugin
2. Activate the plugin in the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
3. After activation, a set up guide will help you with the first steps to set up your store.
4. Use the Shelf Planner >> Settings screen to set parameters for your store and products.

الأسئلة المتكررّة

How long before I start seeing my sales forecast?

Immediately, our dashboard provides real-time analytics.

Is there a live demo available?

A live demo is freely accessible from the plugin.

How Do You Calculate My Store’s Sales Forecast?

Our forecasting engine analyses your store’s historical and daily sales, as well as external data sets that factor for local events, news trends, weather, holidays, even school schedules. This is then translated into a daily sales forecast for all your products.

Can I get help with setting the parameters for my store?

Of course – we are friendly people, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask for support, or if you have any idea on how we can make our products better.
We also have a dedicated team for support and we’ll try our best to answer any questions or solve any problem you encounter.
You can use our dedicated support portal– or simply drop us a line at
You will also find lots of tips and guides on our dedicated wiki site:

Can I get more frequent updates on my sales forecast than a weekly sales forecast?

Yes, you can. The Sales Forecast is calculated with live data, but we update the sales forecast for your store only once per week, every Monday morning.
However, if you want to update the forecast on demand, you can do this in the ‘Integrations’ and ‘Update Forecast Data’, or simple hot the ‘Refresh’ button on the Home page to update the sales forecast on Demand.

Why do I need to map my categories?

Mapping your categories allows us to compare performance of your products to standardised categories and recognise certain patterns and trends.
Our plugin will work without mapping categories, but the forecast will be more accurate if they are.


23 أكتوبر، 2023
I am using this plugin about last 3 years! But not the updated one but the old one. PRevious plugins ui was cleaner and matched with woocommerce analytics. looked so good and functionality was there. i could see the REAL COST OF GOODS, DAILY SALES and PROFFITS made daily with that plugin. but the new one is shit! I cannot see anything the metrics, The ui, NEW plugin looks likes deved by a ugly code writer lots of unusal info which is not neccessary. SLOW UI. PLEase bring back the old version and update that plugin for php 8.2
4 نوفمبر، 2022
Nice job, saved so much time on figuring out how much to order.
22 مارس، 2022
Launched my site a few months ago and have been trying a few stock management tools, but these guys nailed it. Also their support is amazing, answered to my questions the same day.
26 ديسمبر، 2021
To make our life easier, I was looking for stock replenish forecast tool for our woocommerce store. Now, I was glas I found you guys. It seems that the plugins offers all we need. Thanks!
30 نوفمبر، 2021 1 reply
Great plugin, the forecast is really accurate and I really like the fact it shows me what’s happening in my store in the next months. Would it be possible to show my total sales forecast for the next month and not just by category?
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  • Enhanced compatibility for wordpress 6.3
  • Imroved stability.
  • Added warning message for free tier license expiration


  • Compatibility update for wordpress 6.3
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • SKU numbers are now added to the Inventory Tables and Purchase Order tables.


  • Fixes an issue with the installation wizard for new installations
  • Performance improvements for analyses pages
  • Added a Forecast Refresh feature to the leaderboards and analyses pages.


  • Splitting back orders: fixes a php issues that prevented child orders were not presented correctly when splitting back orders
  • Minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes


  • Improved performance on Inventory page


  • Improved performance on Inventory page


  • Code Review
  • Code Refactoring
  • Increased security


  • Minor fix


  • Warnings fixes


  • Fix for Purchase Orders


  • Fix for Purchase Orders


  • Fix for variable products


  • Minor fix for costs


  • Minor fix for costs


  • Minor fix for old db tables


  • Release 1.0 of Shelf Planner for WooCommerce.
  • Minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes.
  • New features, among other Split Back Orders for WooCommerce, allowing to partially fulfil your customer’s orders.
  • Enhanced forecasting algorithms for better order proposals.
  • Fixes an issue with saving data for the mass product editor
  • Tracks profitability and margins of Categories
  • Adds a feature to run Shelf Planner embedded in WooCommerce menu.


  • Fixes an issue with cost prices for variations.


  • Includes the a new report in the store performance pages that tracks ‘cost-of-goods-sold’ per product and category.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Improves an issue where stores created in sub folders were not retrieving data.


  • Includes the powerful bulk editing for products, suppliers and product settings.


  • Fixes an issue with responsiveness of profitability reports.


  • Including powerful reports to track profitability by product and category for your store.
  • Fixes an issues that causes a time out in the order processing.


  • Minor upgrades to integrations and processing to improve calculation of demand for products.


  • Fixes an issue where cost prices for variations were not saved correctly.
  • Adds a feature to import the sales forecast manually.


  • Fixes an issue where supplier data was not saved correclty.


  • Fixes a time out issue with the forecast
  • Fixes an issue with WooCommerce Analytics table not updated.
  • Adds a feature to import the Sales Forecast on demand.


  • Fixes an issue with forecast volume exceeding limits.
  • Cosmetic changes.


  • Fixes an issue with the forecasting api
  • Minor fix to data processing and storage.