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Reward Dice by PreciseFunnels – WooCommerce Exit Intent Popup with an Email Optin Form

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Reward Dice by PreciseFunnels – WooCommerce Exit Intent Popup with an Email Optin Form


Reward Dice by PreciseFunnels is an exit intent popup with an email optin form that relies on gamification for extremely efficient lead generation in WooCommerce.

Reward Dice can help you generate leads at an extremely accelerated rate in comparison to the usual in-your-face popups.

Reward dice relies on gamification, offering your users to roll a 20-sided dice for a chance to win a big discout (naturally, you decide how big of a discount).

And the best part?

Reward Dice is completely unlike your usual popup that interrupts (aka, ruins) your visitor’s experience of your WooCommerce store by triggering too early.

Reward Dice uses three different mouse and scroll events ways to detect the exact moment when your website visitors are about to leave your site and offers them to play an attractive mini game of chance instead.

In other words, Reward Dice will not offer discounts while your shop visitors are still browsing your site (and hopefully buy your products without any discounts), it only tries to stop them dead in their tracks when they would have left your site anyway.

For more details visit the Reward Dice page.


  1. Install Reward Dice by PreciseFunnels plugin either via the WordPress.org plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate the Reward Dice plugin and open the WordPress Admin page for the plugin.
  3. Visit the PreciseFunnels website and sign up for a forever free account.
  4. Visit the installation page in the dashboard of the PreciseFunnels website, open the WordPress tab and copy paste your unique code intoto the
  5. Set up and enable Reward Dice on the settings page on the PreciseFunnels website.


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سجل التغييرات


  • Added installation steps.


  • Disabled Reward Dice for all logged-in users.


  • Fixed the cors url, added the RD url to the admin settings page.


  • The first version of the plugin that enables the display of the Reward Dice on Worpdpress/WooCommerce sites.