Redirect on Add To Cart For WooCommerce


Redirect on Add To Cart For WooCommerce plugin lets you redirect the user to a page on your website or internal/external URL on add-to-cart button.

Some use cases

  1. The default WooCommerce checkout flow expects user to navigate from shop/single-product page to cart page to checkout page. This navigation results in a slow and cumbersome checkout experience for the user and often makes the user leave your site without any purchase (a.k.a. abandoned cart). For these reason, you want to provide a faster checkout experience to your users by automatically redirecting them to the checkout page after the product is added to cart.
  2. You want user to fill out a form or read terms & conditions before/after the product is added to cart. You want to achieve it by redirecting the user to a purpose-built page on your website after add-to-cart button is clicked.
  3. You want to use an external checkout service – may be, you own multiple stores and want to redirect the user to the other store or you are an affiliate and want to earn commission on variable/grouped products by redirecting the user to external website.


  • For all products
    • Enable redirection on add-to-cart button
  • Redirection
    • Redirect to a page on your website
    • Redirect to any URL – an internal or external URL
    • Works when WooCommer setting “Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives” is enabled.
    • Works when WooCommerce setting “Redirect to the cart page after successful addition” is enabled.

Premium Features

  • Product level settings
    • Override global settings at product level or just configure at product level
  • Set custom label for add-to-cart button
  • Skip addition to cart (helpful when you redirect the user to an external URL)
  • Hide “product has been added to cart message” (helpful when you redirect the user to checkout page)
  • Compatible with Multisite

Video Preview (Pro version)

Live Demo | Upgrade to PRO | Documentation

لقطات الشاشة

  • Global Level Settings
  • Product Level Setting (Pro)

الأسئلة المتكررّة

What if settings of a Grouped product are different from the settings of its child product(s)?

Grouped product settings will be used.

Does settings of a Variable product apply to all of its variation?



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