Picture Gallery – Frontend Image Uploads, AJAX Photo List


Picture Gallery plugin enables users to upload and share pictures from frontend or backend. Generates thumbs, adds pictures and thumbs to WordPress Media Library and integrate galleries for custom posts.

Key Features

  • adds picture post type to WordPress site with gallery taxonomy
  • allows upload and import of pictures from frontend and backend
  • generates thumbnail, generates feature image
  • AJAX display and update of picture list
  • shortcodes for listing pictures, upload form, import form
  • mass picture upload
  • mass picture import (from server)
  • setup user types that can share pictures
  • pending picture / approval for user types that can’t publish directly
  • integrates Rate Star Review – AJAX Reviews for Content, with Star Ratings
  • filter pictures by category, tag, name
  • sort pictures by date, views, rating
  • include pictures and thumbs in Media Library (setting)

Access Control: Membership, Sales

  • define global picture access list (roles, user emails & ids)
  • role galleries: assign pictures as accessible by certain roles
  • exception galleries: free, registered, unpublished
  • show preview and custom message when inaccessible
  • integrates Paid Membership and Content plugin to allow selling items

HTML5 Picture Uploader

  • Drag & Drop
  • AJAX (no Submit, page reload required to upload more pictures)
  • multi picture support
  • status / progress bar for each upload
  • unpredictable secure upload file names
  • fallback to standard upload for older browsers
  • mobile camera upload (iOS6+, Android 3+)
  • backend multi upload menu

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  • Plugin Homepage : https://videochat-scripts.com/picture-gallery-plugin/
  • Developer Contact : https://videowhisper.com/tickets_submit.php


Pictures page on various themes:
* Fans Paysite Demo
* Video Share VOD Demo
* Paid Videochat Demo

لقطات الشاشة

  • AJAX picture listings (updates live as pictures are added)
  • Rate Star Review - picture reviews integration

الأسئلة المتكررّة

  • Q: How much does this plugin cost?
    A: This plugin is FREE.

  • Q: Does upload work on mobiles?
    A: Uploading pictures works on latest mobiles. In example on iOS6+ user will be prompted to take picture or select on from camera roll when pressing Choose Files button.


29 نوفمبر، 2022
As soon as I activated this plugin, my website disappeared! I can't access the admin at all... the front end is missing. I've tried deleting the plugin via ftp, but its made no different. So now I have to figure out how to get my site up and running again!
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سجل التغييرات


  • Media Library integration
  • Menu in listings with categories, order
  • PHP 8 support


  • Integrates Rate Star Review plugin for star reviews
  • Review form and list on picture page
  • Rating stars in listings
  • Integrate Semantic UI interface
  • Filter by picture tag, name
  • Sort by rating, number of ratings, points


  • Integrates Paid Membership and Content plugin to allow selling items


  • First public release.