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7 نوفمبر، 2022
Easy to use, powerful tool to get into conversation with potential prospects and customers. Integrated quickly and easily, it was immediately in use. The filter functions and the possibility of targeted customer approach through the animated contact button are particularly helpful. Even self-absorbed video snippets can be used here. Clear recommendation!
2 نوفمبر، 2022
This was clearly the BEST decision to trust and implement OKOMO as a super smart, easy to use and web-based live sales enablement widget! We offer this to customers and can highly recommend this plugin. The live support and personal service by the OKOMO customer success experts is also fantastic and driven to reach best outcomes and to amaze with the OKOMO solution.
25 نوفمبر، 2020
A beautiful tool with live broadcast with customers, Okomo has many useful tools such as Video-Chat, Fon, Monitor Share, organizing meetings and much more. Ideal for companies and freelancers. Very easy to connect to any application, you can enter the background photo, your logo and your CI-Colors. I tried it in Wordpress Version 5.5.3 and it works amazingly! Thank you Okomo Team!!!
12 يوليو، 2020
One-Click-Installation, very easy and user-friendly plugin! As a web designer I create websites for several companies. Every time they need an easy way to communicate with their clients, I recommend them the tool. The feedback I get is overwhelming. They say that they like the fact that you can not only communicate but also for example share files and share your screen (pretty useful, in the past my clients always had to download TeamViewer). Can recommend!
26 مارس، 2020
I was using Okomo before and was very happy to see that they now have an official plugin. With the plugin, integrating Okomo into my website was a matter of 2 minutes. With Okomo, my website visitors can (video-)call me or chat with me right from my website with one click (and withouth registration!). They can even share their screen with me. And when I am not available, they can schedule an appointment in my calendar.
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