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Secure your WordPress login by adding an additional security layer. Install miniOrange’s Google Authenticator – WordPress Two Factor Authentication plugin to protect your website from unauthorized access. miniOrange WordPress 2FA plugin is a versatile and reliable security solution that secures your website against various threats like brute force attacks, dictionary attacks, and automated password guessing.

Check out the following video to configure Google authenticator as your 2FA:

miniOrange Google Authenticator and Two Factor Authentication plugin is feature-rich and provides multiple authentication methods one of the popular being Google Authenticator. This 2FA plugin is very easy to set up. Our easy-to-follow steps of the setup wizard guide you through the process, making it simple, quick, and easy requiring no technical knowledge. You will be able to configure 2FA in no time.



*The Google Authenticator – 2FA plugin supports All-TOTP Authenticator Apps like
Google Authenticator,
Microsoft Authenticator,
Authy 2-Factor Authenticator,
LastPass Authenticator,
miniOrange Authenticator,
Duo Authenticator,
FreeOTP Authenticator,
Okta verify etc.

  • Two-Factor Authentication – 2FA allows authentication on the login page itself.
  • OTP Over Email/2FA code Over email.(
  • OTP Over SMS/2FA code Over SMS(
  • OTP over Telegram (
  • miniOrange Authenticator – QR Code Authentication, Push Notifications and soft Token(
  • Security Questions
  • MFA option for users – users can configure multiple authentication methods.
  • User Profile 2FA– Admin can setup 2FA for any user**
  • 3 users free for a lifetime.
  • Role-based 2FA – enable/disable 2FA for particular role.
  • Recovery codes/Backup codes in case you are locked out.
  • Language Translation Support for French, Spanish, Italian, German, and many other languages.

Maintained & Supported by miniOrange

We are experts in the field of security and have released various advanced WordPress solutions. Visit to learn about other WordPress Products.


  • [Google Authenticator – Two-Factor Authentication 2FA] – for all users and roles ( Site-based pricing )

  • Two-Factor Authentication Methods:
    Google Authenticator
    Authy Authenticator
    Microsoft Authenticator
    LastPass Authenticator
    Security Questions

OTP Authentication (OTP login using Email & OTP login using SMS),

Email Verification,

Mobile Verification (SMS credits need to be purchased separately)

[Email Verification],

Hardware Token

** Username + password + two-factor (or) Username + two-factor i.e. Passwordless login

  • Two-Factor Authentication – 2FA for Ajax login forms like User Pro, login with ajax, Theme my login, etc

  • Passwordless login

  • Prevent account sharing:
    Google Authenticator – The 2FA plugin allows the admin to restrict users from sharing WordPress login credentials. The Google Authenticator plugin also adds a session control feature that limits user sessions based on WordPress User activities

User Identity Verification with Google Authenticator

Login and Registration: Verify users on login with different TOTP login methods & other OTP/2FA methods like [OTP login using SMS], [OTP login using Email], [OTP over Telegram], [Google Authenticator], SMS Verification, [Email Verification], [Authy Authenticator], [Duo Authenticator], [Microsoft Authenticator], [Security Questions], and many others. OTP authentication can be done via either of the OTP Login methods (OTP login using Email or via OTP login using SMS).

Plugin Integrations and Support for all “two-factor authentication methods” – 2FA

Our Google Authenticator plugin is compatible with popular plugins such as:-

* Ultimate member
* User Registration
* Restrict Content Pro
* Login Press
* Registration Magic
* Admin Custom Login
* Buddy Press
* Theme My Login
* Elementor Pro
* Profile Builder
* Login With Ajax and many more.

Third-Party Custom SMS Gateway for OTP Over SMS – OTP Login

The premium Google Authenticator – 2FA plugin supports any third-party custom SMS Gateway. If you don’t have your SMS gateway you can use the miniOrange gateway and send SMS – OTP over SMS for authentication.
Here are some famous gateways supported for two-factor – 2FA/OTP.
Test your gateway

Why do you need to register for Google Authenticator?

Google authenticator – The 2FA plugin uses miniOrange APIs to communicate between your WP and miniOrange. To keep this communication secure, we ask you to register and assign API keys specific to your account. This way your account and users’ calls can be only accessed by API keys assigned to you.

However, you can use most of the 2FA methods without registration but you must register yourself to use:-
miniOrange Authenticator

Useful blog posts about two-factor authentication – 2FA plugin

Customized solutions and Active support are available. Email us at or call us at +1 9786589387.

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  • Google Authenticator (WP 2FA/OTP) - Remember device and white labeling add-ons


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New from your WP Admin dashboard.
  2. Search for miniOrange 2 Factor Authentication - 2FAor Google Authenticator.
  3. Install miniOrange 2 Factor Authentication - 2FA and activate the plugin.


  1. Search for miniOrange 2 Factor Authentication - 2FA and download it.
  2. Unzip and upload the miniorange-2-factor-authentication - 2FA directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate miniOrange 2 Factor Authentication – 2FA from the Plugins tab of your admin dashboard.

Video Guide :

الأسئلة المتكررّة

How do I gain access to my website if I get locked out using the Google Authenticator?

You can obtain access to your website by one of the below options:

  1. If you have an additional administrator account whose Two-Factor – 2FA is not enabled yet, you can log in with it.
  2. If you had set up KBA questions earlier, you can use them as an alternate method to log in to your website instead of 2FA.
  3. Rename the plugin from FTP – this disables the Google Authenticator — 2FA plugin and you will be able to login with your WordPress username and password.

For detailed information, Please check on our website. Locked Out.
You can also check our video Tutorial:

How do I enable Google Authenticator 2 Factor authentication – 2FA as the backup method?

You can use Google Authenticator as the backup method for your specific user or all users in the premium version of the two-factor authentication. [PREMIUM FEATURE]

I have enabled Two-Factor Authentication – 2FA for all users, what happens if an end-user tries to log in but has not yet registered?

If a user has not set up Two-Factor yet, the user has to register by inline registration which will be invoked during the login.

I want to enable only one authentication method for my users. What should I do?

You can select the two-factor authentication methods under the Login Settings tab. The selected authentication methods will be shown to the user during inline registration for example if you select Google Authenticator it will be shown on login. [PREMIUM FEATURE]

I have a custom/front-end login page on my site and I want the look and feel to remain the same when I add 2 factor.

If you have a custom login form other than wp-login.php then we will provide you the shortcode. Shortcode will work only for the customized login page created from WordPress plugins. We are not claiming that it will work with all the customized login pages. In such a case, custom work is needed to integrate two-factor with your customized login page. You can submit a query in our Support Section in the plugin or you can contact us at for more details.

If you are facing any issues while logging in with our Google Authenticator plugin or there is a conflict with any other plugin.

Our Google Authenticator plugin is compatible with most of the popular plugins, but if it is not working for you, please submit a query in our Support Section in the plugin or you can contact us at

If you are using any render-blocking javascript and CSS plugin like Async JS and CSS Plugin and you are not able to login with Two-Factor or your screen goes blank.

If you are using Async JS and CSS Plugin. Please go to its settings add jQuery to the list of exceptions and save settings. It will work. If you are still not able to get it right, Please submit a query in our Support Section in the plugin or you can contact us at

I am upgrading my phone.

You should go to Setup Two-Factor 2FA Tab and click on Reconfigure to reconfigure 2 Factor with your new phone.


2 فبراير، 2024
I recently integrated a WhatsApp addon for OTP verification into my e-store and was thrilled with the seamless functionality post-implementation, all thanks to the phenomenal support from the Miniorange team who truly did an outstanding job.
22 يناير، 2024
Great essential plugin and really great customer service who helped me with all my issues. Vikas was very helpful and would highly recommend.
19 ديسمبر، 2023
This plugin offers an excellent OTP solution that I highly recommend! Its adaptability allows seamless customization to align with your website's specific flow. Additionally, the support team is truly exceptional.
12 أكتوبر، 2023
I use MiniOrange in all three of my sites. It offers me the peace of mind I need knowing that I'll be alerted if any intruder tries to access my site. The 2FA set-up is simple and effective.
5 أكتوبر، 2023
It's indeed a great plugin, with lot of options for many scenarios. One thing that it lacks is customization of the page of OTP, but you can modify /wp-content/plugins/miniorange-2-factor-authentication/controllers/twofa/mo2fa-common-login.php if you know what you're doing (it's just HTML to edit, nothing more). The plugin have a good documentation and video tutorials, and, a nice thing, a support box right inside the plugin's page to contact support if you need anything.
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سجل التغييرات


  • Bug Fix- Show backup codes to users after configuring Email Verification
  • Updated UI for Google Authenticator user configuration screens
  • Updated UI of Setup Wizard


  • Bug fix- 2FA method was getting updated when updating a user on user-edit page
  • Updated UI for OTP over SMS, OTP over Email and OTP over Telegram configuration screens
  • Added Email Varification authentication method


  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.4


  • Bug fix- Keep end users’ 2FA configuration when the plugin is deactivated
  • Bug fix- Attempts left for the OTP-based methods
  • Bug fix- Display App Key for Google authenticator in 2FA inline registration


  • Bug fixes for registration forms
  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.3


  • Updated flow of 2FA on registration form
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Bug fix – Users will be able to configure/reconfigure and reset cloud methods
  • Bug fix – SMS Transactions will be credited when customers register in the plugin
  • Bug fix – Fixed Email Transaction sync issue
  • Added Resend OTP Button in case of OTP Over SMS, OTP over Telegram, OTP over Email methods
  • Improvement – Enforced reconfiguration of the alternate method after login with backup code
  • Feature Improvement – The 2FA prompt will be visible in case of TOTP method has not been set for the admin
  • Updated plugin dashboard UI – Added My Account tab for miniOrange User Account


  • Code Improvements according to WPCS
  • Feature Improvement – Added role-based checks for login through new IP
  • Improvement – Error handling for account creation


  • Google Authenticator – Two-factor Authentication – 2FA, OTP :
  • Bug fix – redirection issue for users in a Multisite environment
  • Improvements – Removed External links from Google Authenticator
  • Improvements – Mobile responsiveness of setup wizard
  • Improvement for SMS/Email verification on the PaidMembership Proform
  • Updated Pricing plan according to new use cases
  • Updated Add SMS notification/button check
  • Updated feedback form
  • Advertised OTP over WhatsApp


  • Google Authenticator – Two-factor Authentication – 2FA, OTP :
  • Bug fix – Save template for notifications on email
  • Bug fix – Error in SMS authentication setup through plugin dashboard
  • Updated Network Security removal notice message


  • Google Authenticator – Two-factor Authentication – 2FA, OTP :
  • Bug fix – headers already sent in messages.php


  • Google Authenticator – Two-factor Authentication – 2FA, OTP :
  • Skip-2 factor option removed from the inline setup
  • Backup code button will always be shown
  • Added login form and theme fields in the trial request form
  • CSS-JS version added for all scripts and styles respectively
  • Autofocus for many input fields and submit the form when Enter is hit


  • Google Authenticator – Two-factor Authentication – 2FA, OTP :
  • Vulnerability fixes
  • Removed Network Security for new users
  • Updated Pricing page UI


  • Google Authenticator – Two-factor Authentication 2FA, OTP :
  • Bug fix- Headers already sent
  • Added SMTP check for sending backup codes on 2fa prompt

For older changelog entries, please see the additional changelog.txt file provided with the plugin.