GazChap's WooCommerce Postcode Lookup


This plugin enables your customers to complete their billing/shipping address by entering their postcode and selecting their address from the options given.

It utilises ( to do the lookup using their Royal Mail Postcode Address File.

An API key is required for the integration to work, and the integration only appears when the customer has selected United Kingdom (or, more specifically, the ISO-3166-2 code “GB”) for their country.

It can optionally be turned off for the shipping or billing addresses, and it can be configured to send an email notification to a nominated address if the API key hits its usage limit.

Testing offers several test postcodes that can be entered to test that it is working without impacting on your usage limits. These are:

XX2 00X - Returns a 'successful' response 200. Your request was successful.
XX4 04X - Returns 'not found' error 404. No addresses could be found for this postcode.
XX4 00X - Returns 'bad request' error 400. Your postcode is not valid.
XX4 01X - Returns 'forbidden' error 401. Your api-key is not valid.
XX4 29X - Returns 'too many requests' error 429. You have made more requests than your allowed limit.
XX5 00X - Returns 'server error' error 500. Server error, you should never see this.

See the documentation ( for more details.


WooCommerce, at least version 3.0. API Key. A number of pricing plans are available.


Once installed and activated, you need to go to the WooCommerce -> Settings -> General page in the WordPress dashboard. You can enter your API key and set your other options here.

Conflicts with other plugins

Certain plugins that also modify checkout fields can conflict with this plugin and prevent it from working.

Usually, the symptom of this is that the “Find Address” button does not appear.

Since version 2.1, I’ve added a Hook Priority setting at the bottom of the settings for the plugin that you can use to try and fix these conflicts.

The default priority is 10, but using a higher number makes my plugin modify the checkout later in the process – you will probably need to experiment to find the priority that makes my plugin’s changes happen after the conflicting plugin.

For example, a priority of 1001 seems to fix conflicts with the “Checkout Field Editor” plugin by ThemeHigh.

Filter Reference

For developers, I’ve included a few filters that you can use to customise certain aspects of the plugin. These are:

User Interface

All of these filters take one argument, $text.

gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_find-address-button-text - the text shown on the Find Address buttons (default: Find Address)
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_find-address-searching-text - the text shown when the Find Address button is selected (default: Searching...)
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_enter-address-manually-text - the text shown for the "Enter an address manually" link (default: Enter an address manually)

Note: Although these two texts are translateable, filters will override any translations.

Error Messages

All of these filters take one argument, $message, the error message that will be displayed to the user.

gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_400 - shown when the postcode supplied is invalid/empty
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_401 - shown when the API key provided in the settings is invalid
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_404 - shown when no addresses were found for the supplied postcode
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_429 - shown when the API key has hit its usage limit
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_500 - shown when there is a server error at

Note: By default, the error messages are “customer friendly”, i.e. they don’t go into much detail about the cause of the error!


gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_billing_selector_row_class - changes the CSS class on the form-row that the billing address selector is placed into
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_shipping_selector_row_class - changes the CSS class on the form-row that the shipping address selector is placed into
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_clear_additional_fields - defaults to true, set to '__return_false' to stop the "additional fields" area of the checkout having a clear style applied to it

Over Usage Email Notification

gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_overusage_email_recipient - change the recipient passed to wp_mail()
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_overusage_email_subject - change the subject line passed to wp_mail() for the over-usage email
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_overusage_email_message - change the message body passed to wp_mail() for the over-usage email<h3>License</h3>Licensed under the [GNU General Public License v2.0](

لقطات الشاشة

  • The Find Address button on the default Storefront theme, before the lookup has been completed
  • The address selection drop-down menu on display
  • The administrator settings in the WooCommerce administration dashboard
  • The address lookup feature within the WooCommerce add/edit order screen


Install via the WordPress Plugin Directory, or download a release from this repository and install as you would a normal WordPress plugin.


5 يناير، 2023 1 reply
Plugin is absolutely awesome and has fantastic rates.Just install, setup an account on getaddress and add in your api code to the plugin. Easy peasy. One of the sites I just installed it on used a plugin to customize the form. The developer has added a way to switch the priority though which took care of that issue.
28 أكتوبر، 2022 1 reply
`A great simple plugin backed up by a great lookup service from Works flawlessly and is very straight forward to setup. I had it up and running in 10 minutes. Thank you.
28 يوليو، 2021 1 reply
The free API plan at getAddress gets you 20 lookups per-day for 30 days. Fantastic support by the developers!
14 يونيو، 2021 1 reply
Quite simply this is a fabulous plugin. I was looking to replace another postcode lookup service that was costing a fortune and found So I jumped straight on the Wordpress Repo and found Gaz's Plugin. A moment later all was up and running. I needed a extra feature with Postcode lookups on the admin screen not only checkout and 3 days after posting on the forum there was a update with it, how great is that! Overall, brilliant!
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سجل التغييرات

2.2 (10/02/2022)

  • Stopped using elements to output the Find Address buttons, as this was causing issues with some other checkout-modification plugins like Fluid Checkout.
  • Updated event listeners for the Find Address and Enter Address Manually elements so that they work if those elements are first added to the page after load.

2.1 (09/12/2021)

  • Added a Hook Priority setting that can be used to try and correct conflicts caused by plugins like Checkout Field Editor Pro. Increase the priority until the lookup button comes back.

2.0.4 (15/07/2021)

  • Fixed an issue with the Enter/Return key (or equivalent on mobile) submitting the entire checkout form instead of triggering the postcode lookup. Thanks to donlee101 for the report.

2.0.3 (10/06/2021)

  • Fixed a bug with the new hide address fields option not functioning correctly when GB is the only country available to select. Thanks again to prodograw.

2.0.2 (10/06/2021)

  • Removed reliance on certain CSS classes in the checkout, as some themes apparently don’t use them. Thanks to prodograw for the report.
  • Fixed a bug that would stop the “tidy postcode” routine running when looking up a postcode currently in the cache
  • Removed some duplicate JS that had crept in

2.0.1 (09/06/2021)

  • Somehow the push I did to the WordPress plugin repo missed some files – hopefully this will fix it…

2.0 (09/06/2021)

  • Added postcode lookup to the WooCommerce admin when creating and editing orders
  • Added option (disabled by default) to hide the address input fields until an address has been selected
  • Added option to show an “Enter address manually” button for use in conjunction with the above “hide address fields” option
  • Added new filter for changing the “Enter address manually” text
  • Added link to in plugin settings
  • Updated donation link to Ko-Fi instead of PayPal

1.5.1 (27/08/2020)

  • Fix layout issue seemingly introduced by the WooCommerce 4.4 update, that pushed the “Find Address” button on to the next row.

1.5 (14/08/2020)

  • The address results selector now works properly in the Account pages on the front-end. Thanks to Ben Wheeler for some additional assistance here.
  • Added an additional “Searching…” state when the button is clicked for better user experience
  • Added settings in WC admin panel to change the text shown on the Find Address button, and the text shown in the new “Searching…” state
  • Added filters for the above texts for developer control
  • The JavaScript file is now only enqueued when on the checkout or account pages, which should speed up performance of other pages.

1.4 (12/06/2020)

  • Uses the postcode returned by to “tidy up” the postcode field after the lookup is completed. Thanks to bootle for the suggestion.

1.3 (06/05/2020)

  • Updated JS to trigger WooCommerce’s order update Ajax request when an address is selected. Thanks to rfvdan for the report.

1.2 (02/05/2019)

  • Fixed a bug that caused the JavaScript to stop running prematurely if a particular address field was not present on the checkout page. Thanks to Max Devlin for the report.

1.1 (25/02/2019)

  • Added a caching mechanism to prevent repeated lookups for the same postcode in the same browser session, thus saving API usage

1.0 (24/02/2019)

  • Initial release.