FoxyShop is a complete shopping cart solution for WordPress. This plugin connects to FoxyCart’s hosted shopping cart service and will allow you to manage your inventory from a WordPress backend. FoxyShop was built to make the integration of FoxyCart and WordPress a breeze. Products are easy to manage and the flexible templates make it easy for developers to quickly build their storefront. The FoxyShop plugin is exhaustively documented, actively maintained, and completely free. And it’s foxy, too.

Visit for full documentation and instructions.

Just a Few of the Many FoxyShop Features:

  • Fully customizable theme files and CSS
  • Unlimited images per product with popup slideshow or zooming
  • Widget support for featured categories
  • Manage product inventory within the WordPress admin
  • Set up product categories and subcategories
  • Drag-and-drop product sorting
  • Complete flexibility for product variations and pricing
  • Sale pricing with optional date controls
  • Digital products and subscriptions
  • Allow WordPress users to checkout with their account
  • Flexible product and category discounts
  • Multiple shipping recipients
  • Inventory management
  • Internationalization support
  • Field validation to prevent form tampering
  • Much more… See Complete Feature List!

Translations Available

  • Norwegian (Kenneth from KKTrends)
  • German (Andrei from PixelDarkroom)

Third-party script inclusion

As part of this plugin, based on the Foxy store version you have configured, a javascript file will be included from the Foxy CDN to add the cart functionality to your site. The file is unique to your store, and updated based on changes to your store in the Foxy administration.

You can exclude this from being output on specific (or all) pages using the “Skip FoxyCart Includes on These Pages” option in the FoxyShop plugin settings. If the file isn’t included on a page with a product add to cart, customers will be redirected to the full page cart instead, and it may impact cart session functionality.

لقطات الشاشة

  • إعدادات إدارية
  • Product Management
  • Custom Product Order
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Levels


Copy the folder to your WordPress
/wp-content/plugins/‘ folder.

  1. Activate the ‘FoxyShop‘ plugin in your WordPress admin ‘Plugins
  2. Go to ‘Products / Manage Settings‘ in your WordPress admin.
  3. Enter your FoxyCart domain.
  4. Copy and paste the supplied API key into your FoxyCart admin area (Advanced) and check the “enable verification” checkbox.
  5. All other settings are optional. See Docs for more details and a setup video.

الأسئلة المتكررّة

There’s a thorough FAQ section located at


3 سبتمبر، 2016
There simply isn’t any more work left that this plugin could do for me – it’s done everything. My main issues with FoxyCart are validation (HMAC) and datafeed endpoint. FoxyShop takes care of both without me having to lift a finger. My needs are served – thank you guys!
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سجل التغييرات


  • Test compatibility with latest WordPress Version


  • Handle value modifier with blank value


  • Correct response handling for external datafeed processing
  • Fix the address section of receipt template used in the orders section


  • Strip HTML comments in the custom wp_kses function to prevent them being shown on the page if they contain HTML
  • Switch the foxyshop.css stylesheet back to being enqueued within the init event hook for backwards compatability


  • Significant improvements across the plugin to move some of the legacy code to modern WordPress standards
  • Renaming of some plugin javascript files
  • Renaming action_process_option_update() to foxyshop_action_process_option_update() and action_show_user_profile() to foxyshop_action_show_user_profile()
  • Add id argument for usage of “the_title” filter hook to prevent plugin conflicts
  • Fixed issue preventing product option modifiers from outputting if a custom value was set
  • Removing FOXYSHOP_DOCUMENT_ROOT variable
  • Deprecated: Support for Foxy versions 0.7.2 and older (these are also unsupported versions of Foxy, and should not be in use)
  • Deprecated: Legacy Google Analytics tracking code is no longer output on the checkout and receipt templates. If you use this, please consider upgrading to Foxy 2.0 to use the native integration options
  • Deprecated: Removing Magnific lightbox from the product gallery as it is no longer allowed by WordPress, replaced instead with Luminous as the new default
  • Removed Magnific files from the plugin NOTE: if you were linking to these files, please download them directly from their website.


  • Replace deprecated money_format function
  • Sanitize error parameter


  • Add argument to order history helper function


  • Update encryption method for import/export settings


  • Modify help text for API key in settings
  • Set backwards compatibility for recent changes


  • Improvements to Orders page


  • Change version number


  • Switching some ID’s to classes to remove potential for duplicate ID’s if using shortcodes
  • Updating some styles to improve contrast
  • Adding unique ID to select quantity dropdown, as it is for the quantity input
  • Adding radiogroup role and aria-labelledby to radio group variations
  • Fixes a bug with update_inventory_alert_language() that wasn’t correctly updating the name, it now passes the name in as an additional argument


  • Fixing style issue with quantity field
  • Fixing error retrieving current custom type
  • Add Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Update for PHP deprecated live function


  • Fixing small jQuery error with validation javascript
  • Updating FoxyCart URL’s to use HTTPS
  • Fixing error where setting a code in a variation could break dynamic inventory checking
  • Fixing issue setting a price variation to 0 not dynamically updating the price display
  • Adding support for marking saved checkbox variations as required
  • Adding support for customising the API key set in FoxyShop if required
  • Deprecation Notice: The “Expiring Card Notification” setting will be removed in a future version, please use the native option present on the “advanced” settings page of your FoxyCart store


  • Fixing error which showed unassigned images when no images had been associated


  • Show featured image in a group even if it wasn’t uploaded to product
  • Updating Google Product Feed to allow identifier_exists=false value
  • Widget class name updates to support PHP 7


  • Remove Dropzone autodiscover to avoid potentials JavaScript errors
  • Exported order lists now subtract future line items from the total
  • WordPress 4.4 support


  • Updating the FoxyShop image uploader to use Dropzone instead of Uploadify
  • NOTE: If you are currently using the product variation image upload feature for your cart, please read our upgrade notes before updating
  • Removed jqueryui datepicker files. Using WordPress versions instead. NOTE: if you were linking to these files, please download them directly from jQueryUI.
  • Update sub start and end dates to listen for FoxyCart date format (like 1m, 10d, etc.)
  • Don’t load multiship JavaScript if multiship is not enabled


  • WP 4.3 compatibility changes with widget constructor
  • SSO endpoint now listens for update/cancellation and doesn’t query cart in those cases


  • Update PrettyPhoto to 3.1.6
  • Update Order Desk Link on Orders page
  • Removing unneeded queries when setting up images


  • Adding “expired” feature – use a number (minutes) or a date (Y-m-d in Pacific time)
  • Adding Reverse SSO functionality – log your customers into WordPress after checkout
  • Connecting featured images that weren’t uploaded to the product
  • The dashboard widget now shows all orders for the month instead of just the first 300
  • A custom image size called “featured” won’t take over the featured image functionality any more
  • Fix to make sure that hidden required checkboxes aren’t required
  • Adding filters to disable custom category sorting and provide your own custom sorting


  • Adding Magnific as the new default lightbox
  • Removing loader.js from wp_footer if requested by settings
  • Adding filter to allow file processing images
  • Upgrading to jQuery 1.11.2
  • Fixing numbers with commas when setting inventory
  • SSO endpoint now listens for proper JSON on FC version 2


  • Updating the multiship javascript for FoxyCart 2.0
  • Custom sorting honors hidden category children preferences
  • Improving product add-on functionality


  • Making FoxyCart 2.0 the Default
  • Updating checkout/receipt templates for 2.0
  • Added demographics option for Analytics
  • SSO – WordPress password resets now get saved back to FoxyCart
  • Ensure only is_anonymous=0 transactions update WordPress users
  • Switch to FoxyCart’s loader.js
  • Added filter for category terms
  • Removed a console.log statement
  • Adding ‘public static’ to the encryption fuction for better compatibility
  • Display PO# if order is a Purchase Order


  • Added FoxyCart 2.0 support
  • Added true bundled product support
  • Google Analytics Universal functionality
  • Custom product sorting by category
  • Adding full and medium size image type filters
  • Updating max_quantity calculation, removing hashes
  • Updating most fields to remove tags to solve validation issues
  • Open validation for bundled product images
  • Adding filters for adjusting all prices and variations
  • Adding filter for default wp user role
  • Adding filter for Google Analytics ga.src
  • Adding filter for custom bundled product fields
  • Fixed the SSO password problem when adding new WordPress accounts
  • Changing mysql_real_escape_string() to esc_sql()
  • Allowing price changes to still be enforced with v: variation modifier
  • Allowing id attribute when specifying ‘showproduct’ shortcode
  • Updated to jQuery 1.11.1
  • See Release Notes for more details


  • Changing the Manage Inventory page to use ajax-based saving
  • Trim individual variation lines
  • Updating styles for WordPress 3.8
  • Adding GTIN, MPN field matching for Google Products (thanks to Scott Daniels)


  • Updating inventory now covers multiple products with same code
  • Add-on product images are now properly skipping validation
  • Add-on products are not displayed if they are not in stock
  • Changed multiship script to use “Me” instead of “me” to avoid potentially different shipto names
  • Allow alternate named sub_startdate and sub_enddate to set a dynamic strtotime date


  • Fixing a missing ” that was keeping the image field from working properly


  • Improved WP_Error handling with FoxyCart API
  • Start using wp_redirect()
  • Fix for missing validation on variation values that are only “0”
  • Added ‘foxyshop_social_media_header’ handle for custom social media headers
  • Made the JavaScript UTF-8 checker more flexible
  • Updates SSO account updating to properly update WordPress passwords
  • Updated external jQuery reference to 1.10.2


  • Added a default checkout and receipt template
  • Allow the fr:X variation modifier to adjust the sub_frequency
  • Checkbox variations can now be set as required
  • Added FOXYSHOP_DECIMAL_PLACES definition to allow setups that need three decimal places
  • Google feeds can now be exported in multiple pages/batches and the feed page is limited to 100 unmatched products at a time
  • Updated admin js calls to use .on() instead of the deprecated .live()
  • Image field is now set to –OPEN– validation so that W3 Cache doesn’t break it
  • Future line item products shouldn’t get processed by inventory
  • Set description variation field to process shortcodes
  • Added datafeed loop detection to the Order Desk redirect
  • Added filters for the no-stock inventory message
  • max_quantity now honored when dealing with low inventory
  • Changed cURL to wp_remote_post()
  • Check for is_ssl() when building FoxyShop admin links
  • Fixed the jQuery dequeue feature
  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.10.1 for stores <= FoxyCart 1.0
  • Upgraded to prettyPhoto 3.1.5
  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.10.3 (used for Date Picker)
  • Default FoxyCart version is now 1.1
  • Added German translation


  • Added some extra variation features to allow custom values and field names
  • Added missing radio title dkey class
  • Added FoxyCart 1.1 option
  • Added ‘foxyshop_inventory_update’ action


  • Added easier category syncing for FoxyCart 0.7.2+
  • Fixed spacing issue with WP 3.5
  • Fix to remove the quantity_max field when backordering is allowed
  • Show warning if curl is not installed
  • Moved the template cache functionality up so that scrolling isn’t required as often on the tools page


  • Added native support for cart, empty, and coupon settings at the product level
  • Added support for hidden field product variations
  • Set FoxyCart version 1.0 as default
  • Updated to jQuery 1.8.2
  • Updated to jQuery UI 1.9.1
  • Reverted jQuery UI theme to Smoothness (from Lightness in FoxyShop 4.2.1)
  • Fixed double-encoding in foreign currency in JavaScript context
  • Fix for apostrophes in saved variation titles
  • Include and require functions now use absolute paths
  • Security: added checks to make sure that any FoxyShop php pages can’t be run directly
  • Fix for missing alert values on imported inventory records
  • Fix for missing quantity_min and quantity_max values on the add to cart link
  • Fix for inventory error generated when there’s no product code
  • Fix to make sure that add to cart form can’t be submitted if submit button is disabled

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