Events Block For The Events Calendar


Events Block For The Events Calendar

Events Block For The Events Calendar helps you to easily represents The Events Calendar events inside Gutenberg page builder pages.

This Addon provides the missing Events Block functionality of The Events Calendar with the Gutenberg Website Builder.

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The Events Calendar plugin has 800,000+ active users. You can extend this famous free plugin features by using this Events Block addon that provides events modern & simple list design.

✨ A Must-Use Addon For The Events Calendar

  1. Create events by using WordPress most powerful calendar plugin🔗 The Events Calendar.
  2. Install this Events Block For The Events Calendar and it will provide the functionality to extend the design of your events via gorgeous events list block.
  3. Use the flexible events list block feature of this events calendar extension to show your upcoming events or past events anywhere inside your Gutenberg-created page or post.

The Event Block of The Events Calendar Addon offers a range of features to enhance the display of events on your website pages created with the Gutenberg website builder. Here is a more detailed description of these features:

Custom Color and Date Formats: The Events Block allows users to select a custom color and date formats for the events list, providing a unique and visually appealing presentation of events.

  • Category Filter Settings: The block supports event category filter settings, allowing users to filter events by categories they choose, making it easier to display only the relevant events.

  • Date Range Settings: The Events Block supports specific date range-based list settings, enabling users to display events within a particular date range, making it easier to manage and showcase events.

  • Custom Event Date Format: The block supports custom events date format settings, allowing users to adjust the format of dates to match their specific needs and preferences.

  • Event Ordering: The Events Block supports order-by event based on time, allowing users to display events in order of the time they are taking place, making it easier to plan and keep track of events.

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  • Event Block Events Gutenberg Block For Create List Events In Block Editor.


There are 3 ways to install Events Block For Gutenberg Addon.

  1. Automatically install our plugin via WordPress admin panel:- Open your WordPress website admin panel and go to Plugins > Click Add New & search Events Block For Gutenberg at here > Here you will find our plugin > Now click on install button > After this you will see an activate button > Just activate it to use Events Block inside Gutenberg Created pages.
  2. Install via Zip file:- In this method first you need to download our plugin from the WordPress plugins directory. Download Events Block For Gutenberg. After this inside your WP-admin panel, click on Plugins > Add New > Upload Button. Now choose the plugin zip file that you just downloaded from the WordPress plugins directory & activate it.
  3. Install the plugin via FTP:- In this method first you need to download the plugin zip file from the WordPress plugins directory. After this open your FTP manager and Go to > wp-content/plugins folder. Here you need to upload the extracted version of the Events Block For Gutenberg addon(remember do not upload the zip file directly at here). After this, you can activate the plugin from the wp-admin > plugins page.

Remember this is a design add-on. It will only work if you first install the “The Events Calendar (by MODERN TRIBE)” plugin.


17 يوليو، 2023
This plugin was not very easy to navigate and seems to have a clunky interface. Since this is for use with The Events Calendar, it would have been better if its admin interface were in a sub-menu for The Events Calendar, rather than taking up real-estate on the main admin left-side menu. However, it is worth downloading this plugin to access the Events Shortcodes for the Events Calendar which is relatively manageable and provides several simple templates that work for most use-cases. I disabled this one after downloading the addon plugin "Events Shortcodes For The Events Calendar" Upgrading to four stars. After a few months of use, I have to admit, it's been useful. Still one star off for confusing admin interface.
1 مارس، 2023
This is only an events list block. It doesn't enable Gutenberg block editing for all features of the single page template addon to The Events Calendar.
24 سبتمبر، 2022 1 reply
It's just a complete mess really. - Does not preview in the page builder, always says No Events - Shows the date 3 times in the block header. Why would I want to show it 3 times in 3 formats?? - Shows featured image under the description. This is backwards from the way events actually display and it makes info appear out of order. - Location info is above description, again backwards - Map is not shown - No ability to customize displayed info, like again don't use the featured image at the bottom in the find out more, show the image at the top where it should be, then just let me customize the find out more link. Unfortunate it's an unusable mess, it's a non solution to a missing feature of the event plugin.
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Version 1.2.1 | 13 Feb 2024
– Fixed: Minor issues.
– Tested upto: WordPress 6.4.3 and The Events Calendar Version 6.3.2
Version 1.2 | 06 Feb 2023
– Fixed: Major bug
-Improved: settings panel
-Fixed: minor CSS issues.
Version 1.1 | 05 September 2022
– Fixed:- Header Modified bug
Version 1.0 | 15 March 2022
– Initial release