Error Logs Emailer for WooCommerce


Error Logs Emailer for WooCommerce is a free plugin to send fatal error logged by WooCommerce

  • Know what errors are happening on your site without constantly checking the logs
  • Set the email where error logs should be sent if it’s not a site admin
  • Add multiple email addresses
  • Emails are sent at 5AM

لقطات الشاشة

  • Receive Daily WooCommerce Error Logs Directly to Your Inbox
  • Emails priority and default settings


  1. Upload the plugin to your site, activate it.
  2. By default emails with errors are sent to admin email address.
  3. Go to Settings page to change it.


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سجل التغييرات


  • Updated license to GPLv3
  • Updated function names to avoid conflicts with other plugins


  • Plugin Check fixes
  • Updated date() to gmdate() to prevent runtime timezone changes
  • Plugin name change to Error Logs Emailer for WooCommerce


  • Making sure to register the action with Action Scheduler.
  • Removed unnecessary file include


  • Settings API: Now uses WordPress Settings API for a cleaner and more secure handling of the settings.
  • Multiple Emails: Improved email handling for multiple recipients with validation.
  • Scheduling Logic: Ensured that the email schedule doesn’t overlap or create multiple cron jobs unnecessarily.
  • Security and Validation: Added more robust security features, including checks for valid email addresses.


  • Added setting page to update email to


  • Initial version with just a simple usage of RECOVERY_MODE_EMAIL setting