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9 يناير، 2022
Thanks for this product. Very easy to use.
14 مايو، 2021
Could add ability to display employees with different sorting, keeping the boss in first position.
1 ديسمبر، 2020
Hello, I want to create a management page on a union website. I cannot interfere with the ranking. If I make a new recording, it is placed at the top of the list. The list, which will continue, such as president, vice president, etc. How can I fix the sorting issue? Thank you.
23 يونيو، 2020
Works really well, does what it's supposed to.
12 يونيو، 2020
Works great, but wondering if there are a way to change the colors used? I can change the circle color around the images, but I can not change the lightblue grid.
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