Email verification for Contact Form 7


Email Verify is great way to authenticate your users when they submit a form. This will verify users email with OTP. This can help you reinforce your business security.

Do you suffering from an infestation of spambots on your Contact Form 7 network? with the help of plugin you can increase security of form.

Free Plugin Features

  • Easy to Implement
  • All Customizable Settings
  • Improve Form Security by Email Verification
  • Customize Verify button text, text color and button color
  • Customize Success Message
  • Customize Error Message Color
  • Customize Field Validation Message
  • Customize Success mail subject and message body

Pro Plugin Features

  • Set the custom text for Resend OTP button.
  • Option to set OTP expiry times.
  • Display the OTP expiry countdown timer with your custom message.
  • Admin can change Expired OTP Message.
  • HTML Supported in OTP mail body
  • Admin can change position of verify button
  • Admin can change length of OTP which users received via email
  • Timely Support 24/7
  • Regular updates
  • Well documented



لقطات الشاشة

  • Plugin -> Email Verification for Contact Form 7 Plugin
  • Contacat from 7 -> Add form
  • Add Field: Verification Email
  • Add Field: Verification OTP
  • Generel Settings
  • Contact form preview


Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from the Plugins page.

Then create below fields in form:
1. [email* verification] (Email field)
2. [text* verification-otp] (OTP field)

For Generel Settings go to Contact-> Email Verification. Or go to Plugins-> Installed Plugins-> Email verification for Contact Form 7 -> Settings.


15 مارس، 2024
I recently had a need to show a message and wanted to display it on two lines. I tried a number of values but none worked. I contacted support and in less than 24 hours, they provided a solution and made a new version of the plugin available. I did not expect that kind of support for such an inexpensive product. Kudos to the Geek Code Lab for both their speed and quality of support.
25 مارس، 2023 2 replies
The plugin was not activated because it caused a fatal error. Email Verification for Contact Form 7 plugin is deactivated because it require Contact Form 7 plugin installed and activated.There is simply no link to the missing plugin or module!
9 يوليو، 2022 1 reply
This plugin is easy to use contact form 7 email verification tool. Great work!
9 مايو، 2022 3 replies
The plugin works great, and the support team is quick and on point every time! Would highly recommend.
25 فبراير، 2022 2 replies
Easy to configure and working fine, sending a 6-digits OTP through the default email service, without requiring any kind of subscription. Some suggestions for improvement though: 1/ most important: email sender address should be in the configuration, rather than hard-coded in the php file 2/ it would be nice being able to configure the length of the OTP in the configuration too 3/ the validation button is automatically added below the email box, it would better to have a shortcode to position this button manually where desired in the form Thanks anyway for the great job
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سجل التغييرات


  • Fixed line break issue with textarea fields


  • Fixed bugs.


  • Tested upto wp version 6.2.2


  • OTP Error message changed.
  • Added contact form 7 admin notice.


  • Added Pro features


  • Tested up to wp version 6.0.1


  • Fixed new line issue on mail body


  • Fixed language issue on mail(Subject)


  • Updated pro features.


  • verfied with cf7 latest version.


  • Released Pro Version.


  • Removed verification button after get success message of OTP
  • make dynamic “from” name for OTP mail


  • Fixed bug for verification of OTP


  • Tested upto wp version 5.9


Inital release