Easy WebP


Boost your WordPress website Speed by optimizing your images up to 70% to 95% by Converting jpg, jpeg png and gif images to webp. It can covert uploaded images and theme images.

Main Feature : You can easily convert and access your converted webp images through clicking the copy icons after converting whether it is original image or converted webp image.

How to Used?

  1. Just click the convert icon and the image will convert to webp.
  2. You can select all to covert all images or select your desired images to convert.
  3. You can easily copy the original link webp link through clicking the copy icon.
  4. You can see in the doughnut chart the overall percentage reduce of compression size from it’s original size.
  5. You can reduce the quality of image.
  6. You can select if uploaded images will be converted or theme images.

Free to Use

You can optimize for free 30MB of images (about 300 images) every month. You can convert WebP for free.


For Unlimited Conversion kindly subscribe it here webdevphil.com/easy-webp-subscription
Thank you.

Support for additional directories

لقطات الشاشة

  • How to use Easy WebP
  • Sample Compression size from 6.3MB to 416KB
  • Screenshot of Reports


  1. Upload the plugin files to /wp-content/plugins/easy-webp directory, or install plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate plugin through Plugins screen in WordPress Admin Panel.
  3. Use Easy WebP screen to use the plugin.
  4. Check if everything works fine.

That’s all! Your website is will be loading faster!

الأسئلة المتكررّة

How do I verify that the plugin is working?

  1. You can copy the link through clicking the icon copy
  2. You need to Convert the icon first before using the webp images
  3. You can also select all the images and convert it.
  4. Uploaded images and theme images can be converted.

The live tests are quite thorough and I recommend them over a manual test. However, it doesn’t hurt to do a manual inspection too.

How does this work?

  • If you have just installed the plugin, you can convert all existing upload images with selected images.
  • Converting to WebP format works for all image sizes. As WebP you will see all the images added to the Media Library.
  • Images are converted using PHP GD or Imagick extension (you can modify the compression level).
  • When the browser tries to download an image file, the server verifies if it supports image/webp files and if the file exists.
  • You can subscribe for here for Unlimited conversion, link webdevphil.com/easy-webp-subscription
  • You abide to the terms of condition of the site https://webdevphil.info/terms-and-conditions/

Future of fastest website !

Raise your website to a new level now! Install the plugin and enjoy the website that loads faster. Surely you and your users will appreciate it.

Please also read the FAQ below. Thank you for being with us!


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سجل التغييرات

1.0.0 (2021-02-17)

  • The first stable release

1.0.1 (2021-05-12)

  • Change Server

1.0.2 (2021-05-12)

  • Change Server