Crop Express – For Featured Images, Media Library + Image Cropper Block


Crop Images in WordPress Easier

The Problem: You find just the right image for your post …. but getting it to fit with your site design and theme is a chore.

The Solution: Crop.Express speeds up your content workflow, quickly giving you uniform images for your blog posts.


  • NEW! Image Cropper Gutenburg block – do your cropping right in the post
  • Crop images by ratios, custom dimensions and shapes (including circles for avatars)
  • Set image sizing defaults — prevent your clients from uploading huge images that slow down their sites
  • 3 native WordPress workflow integrations — crop images in the Media Library, Featured Image and Post/Page with Gutenberg block

With Crop.Express,

  1. Upload a new image, or Select an existing image in your Media Library

  2. Pick from the most popular aspect ratios in WP themes: 16/9, 9/16, 4/3, 3/4. (Or create your own in the Settings)

  3. Select the shape between: Square, Rectangle, Circle, or your own custom ratio.

  4. You\’re done!

Help Guide the Direction of Crop.Express

We built this for our own needs and frustrations cropping images in WordPress.

This is our initial version based on our own needs. But we need your input to help us guide the future of this plugin.


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