Reward Video Ad for WordPress


Reward Video Ads by AppLixir helps WordPress site owner monetize their traffic using Rewarded Video Ads.
It’s the most successful monetization tool for Game developers, now availabele for WordPress site owners.

You will need an account on to use this plugin.

About US

AppLixir has been helping 100+ games monetize using Reward Video Ads on Web, Mobile Web and Mobile games & sites.
We work with all main Ad Exchanges and implement Real Time Bidding across all Networks giving our Game developer clients the best CPM and Fill-Rate worldwide!

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Follow the Steps listed below for Applixir integration with a WordPress application.

  • Step 1: Install the Applixir SDK plugin for WordPress. If you have already downloaded the plugin, unzip and copy the directory ‘reward-video-ad’ to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory on the WordPress server.
    If installed properly, Applixir Settings tab will be shown in the lower left section of the WordPress dashboard. 

  • Step 2: Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

  • Step 3: Generate Dev ID and Zone ID using the Applixir Web application and enter those values under Account Settings tab in the WordPress application.

  • Step 4: Configure the following settings under Advance Settings and click Save.

  1. Message before the video:- Message to be displayed before a video ad starts.
  2. Video Placement:- Location of the video ad. Choose your video placement depending on your specific WordPress template and setup. It can take the following values – above the fold, Mid or below the fold. Most sites are ok to useMid as the option.
  3. Show Video after every:- Duration after which the video should be shown. Set it to 1.
  • Step 5: Update ads.txt file to include Applixir ads.txt entries.
    Please note that existing ads.txt file should not be deleted. Instead, add the information Applixir ads.txt file to the existing one. In case, there is no ads.txt file in place, create a new ads.txt for your website and input our information.
    This completes the setup process. 
  • Step 6: Go to the page where video is to be invoked. Insert the following code snippet at the required location.

It is always suggested to place the video after some content of the page. This encourages the user to view the video ad if the user is interested in the content further.

A sample page is shown below for reference.


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