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Zen Projects and Rahul have agreed to team up to bring substantial resources into the development of AnsPress and its related themes and extensions, read the full announcement here:

AnsPress is an open source, developer friendly, question and answer plugin for WordPress. AnsPress adds a full question and answer system to your existing WordPress site. It can be used to create a Q&A network similar to StackOverflow and Quora, or be a single page on existing site. The plugin supports multiple languages, shortcodes, reCAPTCHA, email and push notifications, and more.

AnsPress is not just limited to questions and answers. It can be used in many different ways, like a bug tracker, an internal Q&A board, support ticket forum, FAQ, and more. Anspress is trusted and used by many popular companies and sites at scale.

الأداء والتحسينات:

In our latest release, we’ve made big improvements to performance and have tested the plugin in many different server environments. It has run smoothly on every type of server with minimal impact on load times. AnsPress (including all of its functionalities) is very fast compared to other Q&A plugins. In the latest release we have made major improvements to reduce MySQL queries and to increase the page load speed for all page templates within the plugin.

Developer Friendly:

AnsPress is built with developers in mind and can easily be extended to fit your needs. All parts of the template layouts can be overridden. Our source code follows WP coding standards and is properly commented. We are working on a documentation site which will be available soon.


This plugin wouldn’t be possible without the huge amount of contributions we have received. Check our contributors at

الدعم الفني والمثال المباشر:

We provide support on our site:
Our support section uses the actual version of AnsPress, so you can check out the support site if you want to see full working version.
You can also take the demo site for a test drive at

AnsPress Key Features:

  • Submit / Filter / Order / Edit / Delete Question
  • Answer / Comment
  • Vote and Select Best Answer
  • Notification Emails and Web Push Notifications
  • 10+ لغات مدعومة
  • دعم Captcha
  • توفر الأكواد القصيرة
  • إمكانية وضع السؤال والجواب على حالة خاص/عام
  • القدرة على متابعة الأسئلة / الإجابات
  • ميزة (تثبيت) السؤال
  • الأسئلة المغلقة
  • الإبلاغ عن الأسئلة والإجابات للمشرف
  • ملف شخصي للمستخدم
  • متكامل مع BuddyPress
  • المزيد قادم…

إضافات مجانية:

  • النقاط
  • الوسوم
  • التصنيفات
  • فلترة الكلمات السيئة
  • Email notifications
  • reCaptcha
  • Dynamic text avatar

AnsPress is frequently updated and more features are added based on feedback from our users. This means you are welcome to give us feedback and suggestions as to what you would like to see or need in the plugin. Visit our Github project or visit our community to get updates and leave feedback.

Page Shortcodes

Use this shortcode in the base page of AnsPress to work properly

لقطات الشاشة

  • Question list page.

  • Single question page.

  • User profile

  • User hover card

  • Users directory

  • Notifications


Read the full documentation here

الأسئلة المتكررّة

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19 سبتمبر، 2023
This Q&A plugin is very easy to setup and start using quickly. I like that it has a simple design that’s fast and optimized. The developer tools make it really easy to customize the look and feel to match my site. Overall a great plugin!
20 يوليو، 2023
I would like to make clear that this is a review, not a support request. The below reason is why I am rating this plugin with 1-star. If something is advertised in a plugin, it needs to actually exist. Installed this plugin ONLY because it claims “SEO Friendly Questions and answers are search engine optimized, with markup.” However, it does not. The schema markup does not exist. I tried validating the QA Pages through and nothing appears. Same result in Google Rich Results Test.
25 أغسطس، 2022
Fast plugin, easy to customise, with plenty of features. Love it.
9 يناير، 2022
The plugin makes an Q&A functionality that works. But it has several issues – It is made “DEVELOPER FRIENDLY” not “USER FRIENDLY” – The look is something from 1998 – You cant disble VOTE – You cant disable COMMENT – confusing controle of who can answer a question and who can make a comment
إقرأ جميع المراجعات 98

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Changelog can be found at


Changelog can be found at


Changelog can be found at